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At CES – Smart Mail Box

    Its the time of the year for CES, where companies are unveiling their new project ideas. At the show, tons of crazy and strange devices are presented from companies all over the world. Usually these companies are presenting concepts while they look for partners to help bring their ideas to market.

    I like to follow along and see what companies are thinking. It can sometimes give you a glimpse of the future as companies work behind the scenes to make new ideas come to life. It may even inspire an idea or two of your own. One of the most interesting ideas I’ve seen this year is the Smart Mail Box from the United States Postal Service.

    Not my favorite note to see on the door when I get home

    Having a connected mail box could open up some cool ideas, like notifications for incoming mail or asking your Voice Assistant if the mail has arrived yet. There could be other cool features like scanning items arriving, or verifying packages for you. Maybe the “Sorry we missed you” slips that are stuck on your door when you miss the delivery guy will become a thing of the past. Sounds like something I could get behind.

    Here are a few more articles about Smart Mail Boxes at CES that shares some extra detail. Take a look if your curious like me.

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