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Siri Apple Books Commands
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Siri Apple Books Commands

Did you know you can use Siri to play audiobooks via Apple Books? Apple Books is an App that lets you buy books and audiobooks straight from Apple. And as you might expect from an Apple product, this App has deep integration with Apple’s entire ecosystem. The resulting benefit is that Siri knows things like what audiobooks you have on-hand and where you last left off. Quite simply, Siri’s deep integration with the Apple Books App helps you get the most out of your audiobooks. 

See the most common questions answered in the FAQ section, or view the complete list of Siri Apple Books commands under Keeping Up With Siri in the table of contents below.


What is Apple Books?

Apple Books is an App that lets you buy books and audiobooks straight from Apple. Because it’s created by Apple, you’ll find deeper integration into the Apple ecosystem than with other alternatives, such as Audible or Kindle.

Can Siri read Apple Books?

No. But Siri can start and stop audiobooks from the Apple Books App.

Can Siri play audiobooks?

Yes. Check out the commands listed below.

Keeping Up With Siri

Getting the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices requires learning what to say or ask Siri. But as you may have already discovered, learning what all Siri can do is tough as extensive guides are hard to come by. That’s where Keeping Up With Siri can help. Within this series, I outline over 350 Siri commands within Apple’s own guide, as well as provide answers to commonly asked questions for each section. This post specifically covers how to use Siri with the Apple Books App.

Siri Apple Books Commands

“Hey Siri, play my current audiobook”

“Hey Siri, play my audiobook by Jane Austen”

“Hey Siri, what’s the title of this audiobook?”

If you’re interested in learning more of what Siri can do, follow along to the series Keeping Up With Siri Commands

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  1. The mini user is blind and accustomed to audiobooks but not through Apple. Can Siri open audiobook files in his library

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