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Welcome to Smart Home Explained

Isaac's credentials

My name is Isaac, and I spent the last decade as a Software Engineer in the Smart Home space where I worked at some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Amazon and Apple.* I had the pleasure of creating Smart Home features for both Alexa and Siri, while also collaborating with many smart and talented people along the way. You can find more info on LinkedIn.

One thing I notice during my entire career is the divide between “techies” and the rest of the world. For some reason, there are a bunch of people out there who don’t think they have what it takes to understand and take advantage of all the cool things you can do with Smart Home technology.

I think that’s 100% incorrect. I started this blog to change that misconception and to show people they can absolutely understand and take advantage of all of these advances in technology.

So if you have a few minutes, grab a seat, and let’s get started!

Looking to contact me? Here are my details.

*All opinions in this blog are my own and do not reflect those of these companies. For more information, please check out my disclosure page here.