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Who is Isaac?


Hello there! I’m Isaac, and I’m the person steering the Smart Home Explained ship. With multiple degrees in Computer Science and over a decade of experience in software engineering, I’ve dedicated most of my career to the Smart Home industry. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work at some of the biggest tech juggernauts you can name, including Amazon and Apple. Check out my LinkedIn for more details.

A Lifelong Techie

From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by technology. Whether it was taking apart gadgets to see how they work or setting up a home network, I’ve always been the go-to tech person in my circle of friends and family. This lifelong passion for technology naturally led me to a career in the Smart Home industry.

A Decade in the Making

I’ve spent over a decade as a Software Engineer, focusing primarily on Smart Home technologies. From working on Siri Home Automation at Apple to focusing on Alexa and Home Automation at Amazon, I’ve seen it all. My journey has been nothing short of thrilling, and I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.

More About Me

  • Avid Racquetball Player: When I’m not tinkering with smart devices, you’ll find me on the racquetball court.
  • Dad: Being a father has given me a unique perspective on how technology can make family life easier.
  • DIY Enthusiast: I love getting my hands dirty with DIY projects, especially when it involves smart home tech.
  • Forever Curious: I have an insatiable curiosity and excitement about technology, which drives me to explore and learn continuously.

Contact Me

Looking to get in touch? Click here for my contact details.