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Who is Isaac?


Hello there! I’m Isaac Taylor, the person steering this Smart Home Explained ship. I’ve dedicated my career to the Smart Home industry, having had the incredible opportunity to work for tech giants Amazon and Apple, as well as others in the Smart Home space. 

While at Amazon, I originated on the Amazon Fire Phone team. Read more about my takeaways here. That led to my further involvement with smart devices where I later built thermostat integration, Insteon, Wink, and SmartThings into Alexa. I also currently hold a patent for naming conventions with Smart Home (view my patent here). 

While at Apple, I continued my passion for Smart Home technology, building Irrigation System support and a disambiguation system into Siri, and more. I also managed the Siri Home Automation Team itself. 

Before working for these tech juggernauts, I graduated USF with a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After completing my thesis on improving energy consumption in mobile phones (you can read my white paper here), I continued my work on smart devices that ultimately led to working at AT&T, Amazon, and Apple. 

When I’m not tinkering with, I can be found consulting for both small and large-sized companies on breaking into the Smart Home and engineering space. I’m actively consulting on Guidepoint, AlphaSights, and and handful of other platforms.

I invite you to check out my LinkedIn profile here and Muck Rack profile here. Or connect with me on Twitter here

More About Me

  • A Lifelong Techie: One of my earliest memories of when my passion started is with my dad. We’d peruse through COMP USA (anyone remember this store? …Calling all 90’s kids.) looking for computer parts just to be able to build 486 machines to play Doom. That was the initial spark where I then started building rigs on my own that lead to mobile devices and development, and then later, Smart Home tech in general. 
  • Avid Racquetball Player: When I’m not in front of my computer, you’ll find me on the racquetball court, whether at my local YMCA or at local tournaments. 
  • Dad & Husband: Being a father has given me a unique perspective on how technology can make family life easier (and more enjoyable!). It gives me a chuckle every time my toddler shouts, “Alexa, Play ‘Run Baby Run!’” and being a husband poses its own unique perspective as my wife frequently requests “better lighting” which lead to my various guides on Light Colors for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, and tons more.
  • DIY Enthusiast: I love getting my hands dirty with DIY projects, especially when it involves Smart Home tech. I take pride in managing this website on a PC that I built from scratch and writing about my own personal Smart Home ecosystem around my home. The naming conventions with Smart Home patent all started within the four walls of my home.
  • Forever Curious: I have an insatiable curiosity and excitement about technology, which drives me to explore and learn continuously. Have a product or service you’re interested in getting feedback on? Feel free to reach out