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Alexa Smart Light Colors

Alexa understands alot of different color names, but it’s tough to find an exhaustive list with all Alexa Smart Light colors. On top of that, brands have their own color lists, like this Phillips Hue color list. Additionally, you even find strange names that aren’t color related but mood related, like “relax”.

To help with this confusion, below is a complete list of light color names that Alexa understands. This list includes Phillips Hue colors, LifX colors, and other branded light colors. Colors are an approximation. What you see with your Smart Light might be a bit different.

Quick note: If you use a different assistant, I also create lists for the other major assistants below:

Update: I pulled out the shades of white to make those easier to find. Want to know how to get the most out of Alexa? Check out Keeping Up With Alexa.

Table of Contents

Alexa Smart Light Commands

Controlling your smart lights with Alexa goes beyond just color selection. You can do so much more, such as dimming, brightening, and setting routines. Whether you’re just getting started or want to master the advanced features, it’s helpful to have a comprehensive guide at your fingertips.

Discover a detailed list of commands and possibilities in Master Alexa Light Commands: Your Guide to Smart Lighting. This guide covers everything from basic controls to advanced routines, allowing you to make the most of your smart lighting experience with Alexa.

With these commands, you can effortlessly control your lighting environment and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Supported Alexa Smart Light Colors

These Alexa colors are listed by manufacturers and they work for me. If you’re having trouble with any of them, let me know in the comments below.

“Alexa, set the light to …”, “Alexa, make the lights …”,

Blue Color Names

Cadet Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Turquoise
Deep Sky Blue
Dodger Blue
Light Sky Blue
Medium Blue
Medium Turquoise
Navy Blue
Pale Turquoise
Powder Blue
Royal Blue
Steel Blue

Dark Green Color Names

Dark Cyan
Dark Green
Dark Olive Green
Dark Slate Gray
Forest Green
Olive Drab
Sea Green

Green Color Names

Dark Sea Green
Lawn Green
Light Green
Light Sea Green
Lime Green
Medium Aquamarine
Medium Sea Green
Medium Spring Green
Pale Green
Spring Green
Web Green

Orange Color Names

Dark Goldenrod
Dark Orange
Indian Red
Orange Red
Sandy Brown

Pinks Color Names

Antique White
Blanched Almond
Dark Gray
Dark Khaki
Dark Salmon
Hot Pink
Light Coral
Light Gray
Light Pink
Light Salmon
Light Steel Blue
Medium Orchid
Medium Purple
Navajo White
Olive Green
Pale Goldenrod
Peach Puff
Rosy Brown

Purple Color Names

Blue Violet
Dark Magenta
Dark Orchid
Dark Slate Blue
Dark Violet
Deep Pink
Dim Gray
Medium Slate Blue
Medium Violet Red
Midnight Blue
Rebecca Purple
Saddle Brown
Slate Gray
Web Gray
Web Purple

Reds Color Names

Dark Red
Pale Violet Red
Web Maroon

White Color Names

Alice Blue
Floral White
Ghost White
Lavender Blush
Lemon Chiffon
Light Cyan
Light Goldenrod
Light Yellow
Mint Cream
Misty Rose
Old Lace
Papaya Whip
Soft White
Warm White
White Smoke

Yellows Color Names

Green Yellow
Yellow Green

Unsupported Alexa Light Colors

These Alexa colors are listed as supported by manufacturers, but they don’t seem to actually work. If they’re working for you instead, leave a comment below.

Anti-Flash White
Cool White
Cosmic Latte
Sky Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

Can different manufacturers support different colors on Alexa?

Not really. All manufacturers should support the same color names.

The ins and outs of how Alexa and manufactures pass color information is some useful information to know. Alexa is responsible for knowing the various color names above, but Smart Light manufacturers are not. Instead, Alexa supplies these manufacturers with something called the HSB Color System. Manufacturers then use these values to change the light color.

Manufacturers don’t need to know the color name that you tell Alexa. Instead, Alexa controls the color naming, not manufacturers themselves, although they do control what the actual color is on the light.

If you’re really curious how Alexa communicates colors with manufacturers, check out the developer documentation.

What HSB color values are being sent to manufacturers?

Tough to say as Amazon doesn’t post this info directly. However, color values should be pretty close to this color list.

Where did you find these color names?

I checked around for Phillips Hue colors and LIFX color documentation. These were the best two sources, but they aren’t the only sources. If you know more, please let me know in the comments below.

Why are some colors not supported?

These are colors that manufacturers claim are supported, but don’t seem to actually work with Alexa. For example, Alexa doesn’t understand the color “sky”.

Do these colors work for every Voice Assistant, like Siri and Google Assistant?

Each Voice Assistant understands many, but not all of the same colors. You can find other Voice Assistant Color Lists by looking at these Smart Light color articles.

Can you dim or brighten smart lights?

Absolutely. All of these colors also support also dim and brighten commands, assuming you’re smart light bulb support it.

Try, “Alexa, make it brighter” or “Alexa, set the light to 50 percent”

Is there any way to add these colours to the Alexa app’s colour menu?

Sadly no. Amazon doesn’t allow this currently.

How often do manufacturers update their supported color list?

This can vary greatly between manufacturers and is often tied to software updates or new product releases. It’s wise to keep an eye on manufacturer announcements and updates for the most accurate information.

Is it possible to create custom color names with Alexa?

Unfortunately, custom color naming is not supported in the current version of Alexa. This might change with future updates, so it’s worth keeping an eye on official announcements from Amazon.


This comprehensive guide has explored the vast array of color names recognized by Alexa for smart light controls, provided insights into the technology, and offered a look at Alexa’s broader capabilities for controlling smart lighting. From understanding supported and unsupported colors to learning more advanced commands, this article has covered essential aspects to help both newcomers and tech-savvy individuals.

Whether you’re setting up your first smart home or looking to explore more intricate features, the world of smart lighting with Alexa has much to offer. And remember, the learning doesn’t have to stop here.

Get more tips and tricks in the Alexa Archives to enhance your smart home experience even further. From in-depth guides to quick tutorials, the Alexa Archives host a treasure trove of information to help you make the most of your Alexa-enabled devices.

12 thoughts on “Alexa Smart Light Colors”

  1. Everything but the cost (per bulb) presumably purchased fro Amazon? Does it have a dimmer command? 3 years ago I threw out all my incandescent bulbs & replaced with LEDs. The Chinese made color bulbs each has its own remote and dims by 4 stages. Now, alongside Alexa they seem dated but it’s all down to cost and “dim-ability”.

    1. you can dim the connected LEDS by asking alexa to Dim the __light name__ to whatever percentage you’d like.

    1. You can create an automation in the Alexa app and add wait times in between color changes, but it gets annoying having to re-run the automation after a while.

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