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Keeping Up With Alexa

Keeping Up With Alexa Commands

Welcome to “Keeping Up with Alexa,” the VIP lounge of our Alexa category. This is where you’ll find the freshest updates, the slickest commands, and the juiciest industry news. Designed for those who can’t stand to miss an Alexa beat, or just for those who like to stay a bit smarter than their smart homes.

What’s On the Menu?

Latest Commands: Learn the newest phrases that’ll make Alexa practically leap to your bidding. “Alexa, surprise me” might just become your next catchphrase.

Software Updates: Don’t get caught using last month’s features. We keep you ahead of the curve with updates that can elevate your Alexa experience from “cool” to “mind-blowing.”

Troubleshooting: Already covered in our main Alexa hub, but let’s face it, tech snafus don’t wait for anyone. We’re here to troubleshoot the latest issues that come with the latest updates.

Other Smart Home Updates: The smart home universe is expanding, and we’re on it. From new Alexa-compatible devices to industry trends, you’ll be the first to know.