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7 Alexa Music Commands for New Echo Owners

Wondering how to get started with playing music with Alexa? By simply using a handful of these Alexa commands, you’re able to quickly stream music on your Echo device. Use these Alexa Music Commands to get your new Echo playing the music you want, fast.

Out of the box, Alexa plays music using Amazon Music. But if that’s not your preference, you’re in luck. Alexa can play music from many other streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music. Just open the Alexa App, go to settings and find “Music & Podcasts.” From there, you’re able to link new services for Alexa to use. 

Once you’ve told Alexa which music streaming platform to use, it’s time to play some music. Alexa understands lots of different music commands. Whether it’s a favorite song, artist, genre or mood, just ask Alexa. 

“Alexa, play some music”

Feeling flexible with what type of music you want to hear? Have Alexa choose for you. This command is based off of your most recent history from your preferred music streaming service. 

“Alexa, play [song / album / artist].”

But if you’re humming a tune already and wanting to hear it specifically, use this command instead. Alexa can play specific songs you request or stick to either your favorite album or artist, like Ed Sheeran. If choosing the later option, it’s also worth noting Alexa is great at shuffling songs. Simply say “Alexa, shuffle” or “stop shuffle” when done.

“Alexa, play playlist.”

If you have a playlist that you’d like to hear, use this command to start listening from your Echo device. Playlists are a big part of streaming services today. So playing playlists becomes important quickly.

“Alexa, play [emotion] music.”

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a certain mood and want your music to mirror it, let Alexa pick for you. With this command, Alexa plays from a curated playlist centered on a particular emotion, like happy, sad, angry, relaxed, or romantic. 

“Alexa, play [genre] music”

Another route you can take is with giving Alexa a genre to select from. Amazon’s database offers a wild selection, spanning from ‘80s pop music to hip-hop; classic rock to metal; classical and jazz music to easy listening, and even from annual celebrations like Black Music Month to children’s music. 

“Alexa, play [song] from [music provider]”

If you add more than one streaming service within the Alexa App, you’re able to specify when you want Alexa to use that service to play a particular song. This is especially useful for when you prefer a live-recorded version over other recorded options. Just ask Alexa to play it for you.  

“Alexa, play music everywhere” 

This command shows you some of the advanced features of Alexa. If you have multiple Echo devices within your home, then this new Alexa command is for you. To get started, you’ll need to use the Alexa App to create or edit your multi-room music groups. I find it particularly useful for when I’m doing chores throughout my house and want to play music in multiple rooms. 

These seven music commands are useful for getting your feet wet with streaming music from your Echo device with Alexa. Also don’t forget that Alexa can change the volume with “turn up the volume” and “turn down the volume” And when you’re done listening, simply tell Alexa to “pause” or “stop.” 

For more music commands to try, check out the weekly series Keeping Up with Alexa.

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