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Alexa, Remind Me Daily: Leveraging Echo for Daily Reminders

I use a recurring reminder with Alexa all the time. Every evening at 6:30, my Kitchen Echo reminds me, “Isaac, it’s time to feed the dog.” No more forgetting to feed the dog.

This guide is for anyone looking to make the most out of their Alexa for daily reminders. Whether it’s for waking up without an alarm on weekends or remembering to water the plants, Alexa is here to help.

How Alexa Reminders Work

Alexa reminders help keep our lives in order. They remind us of tasks like calling mom or feeding the pet. You tell Alexa what you need to remember and when. It’s that easy.

You can say, “Alexa, remind me to call mom tomorrow at 5 PM.” Alexa will then let you know when it’s time. You can also use the Alexa app to set up and manage reminders.

The best part? Alexa takes the stress out of remembering every little task. 

Next, we’ll look at how to set up these reminders, including the ones that repeat, to make your daily routines smoother.

Setting Up Daily Reminders with Alexa

Here’s how to easily set up daily reminders for tasks like taking medication or feeding the pet:

  1. Using Voice Commands: Tell Alexa, “Remind me every day.” For instance, “Alexa, remind me to check the mail every day at 4 PM.” Alexa will confirm and then remind you daily at the set time.
  2. Through the Alexa App:
  • Open the Alexa app and head to the Reminders section.
  • Click on ‘Add Reminder’.
  • Enter the details of your reminder, including what it’s for and the daily time.
  • Hit save, and you’re all set.

Customizing Your Daily Reminders:

  • Time Specificity: Choose the exact time for your daily reminders.
  • Adjust Anytime: You can update your reminder details whenever your routine changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa send reminders to my phone?

Yes, Alexa can send reminders to your phone. When you set a reminder with Alexa, it not only alerts you through your Echo device but can also send a notification to your phone. This way, you’re covered whether near your device or out and about.

How do I edit or delete an Alexa reminder?

To edit or delete a reminder, use the Alexa app:
Open the app and go to the Reminders section.
Find the reminder you want to change or remove.
To edit, tap the reminder and adjust the details as needed.
To delete, swipe left on the reminder (iOS) or press and hold (Android), then select delete.

Can I set up reminders for someone else in my household?

You can set reminders for others in your household using Alexa’s Household Profiles. Just specify the person’s name when creating the reminder. For example, “Alexa, remind John to take out the trash at 7 PM.”

What happens if I miss an Alexa reminder?

If you miss a reminder, Alexa will notify you again based on your notification settings. You can also review missed reminders in the Alexa app. This ensures you can catch up on anything you have missed.

Make Every Day Easier with Alexa Daily Reminders

Alexa reminders are great for everyone, whether you’re a tech expert or just starting with smart home tech. 

Want to learn more about using Alexa? Check out our Alexa Archives. You’ll find lots of tips and tricks there.

Have you tried setting up daily reminders with Alexa? How has it changed your routine? Share your experiences and tips in the comments.

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