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Alexa Simon Says: Tips and Tricks for Echo

Discover how ‘Alexa Simon Says’ can add fun and convenience to your daily life. I’m Isaac, here to guide you through customizing your Echo’s responses. As an engineer with a decade of experience at Apple and Amazon, I’ve helped refine the technology that powers devices like Alexa.

By the end of this guide, Alexa won’t just be on speaking terms with you; she’ll be your personal announcer, jokester, and perhaps the most obedient participant in the age-old game of Simon Says.

Customizing Alexa Responses: The Magic of “Simon Says”

To have Alexa mimic you, simply say, ‘Alexa, Simon says…’ followed by your phrase. It’s a quick setup for instant fun—no additional skills needed.

Playing Simon Says with Alexa

Simon Says Alexa Skill

Invoke a touch of nostalgia with Alexa’s ‘Simon Says’ skill. It’s a simple role reversal: Alexa becomes Simon, issuing commands for you to follow. To play, enable this the Skill.

With the ‘Simon Says’ skill, your Echo becomes more than a smart device; it’s a game partner. Alexa dishes out the phrases, and you echo them back.

Using Alexa’s Announcement Feature

Just like in a game of “Simon Says,” where you command and others follow, Alexa’s Announcement feature lets you broadcast messages across your home. Say “Alexa, announce,” and your words are instantly echoed on all your Echo devices.

Quick Intercom Setup

Make sure your Echo devices are connected and ready to relay your announcements. It’s as simple as saying, “Alexa, broadcast,” and your voice is amplified throughout your home, no shouting required.

Learn more about the Alexa Intercom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Alexa say something specific?

To have Alexa repeat a specific phrase, use the “Simon Says” command by saying, “Alexa, Simon says [your phrase here].” For more structured interactions, set up a custom routine in the Alexa app where you can define specific phrases for Alexa to say when certain triggers are activated.

Is it possible to make Alexa swear or cuss?

Alexa avoids swearing, but creative phrasing can skirt around her programming. So, with the “Simon says” command, Alexa might ignore your attempts instead.

Can Alexa make announcements in my home?

Absolutely. The Announcement feature is like having your own in-house broadcaster. Just say, “Alexa, announce [your message here],” and your message will echo through every Alexa-enabled device in your home. It’s perfect for those moments when you want to share something without playing a game of household tag.

Echoing Your Commands with Alexa Simon Says

With ‘Alexa Simon Says,’ you can control your Echo’s output for fun or function. For more insights, check our Alexa Archives. Share your funniest Alexa phrases or how you use the Announcement feature in the comments below!

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