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Alexa’s Hidden Feature: Reading Audible Books

Can Alexa read Audible books? The answer is a resounding yes! 

Whether lounging, cooking, or tidying up, Alexa can immerse you in stories of mystery, adventure, or romance without lifting a finger.

This guide is about unlocking the convenience of hands-free reading with Alexa, designed for those intrigued by smart home technology but perhaps daunted by its complexities. 

Ready to dive into the world of Audible with Alexa? Let’s do it.

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Can Alexa Read Audible Books?

Yes, indeed! Alexa and Audible are like two peas in a pod, seamlessly integrated to bring your favorite books to life audibly. To get started, ensure your Audible account is linked to the same Amazon account your Alexa device is registered to. This small setup step unlocks a world where saying, “Alexa, read my book,” transports you into the heart of your latest literary adventure.

Here’s a quick guide on commanding Alexa to embark on your Audible journey:

  • To Play an Audible Book: Say, “Alexa, play [book title] on Audible,” and she’ll start narrating. If the title is in your library, Alexa will pick it right up.
  • To Pause or Resume: Mid-listen and need a break? “Alexa, pause” will hold your place. Ready to dive back in? “Alexa, resume my book,” and you’re back in the story.
  • For Navigation: Lost or want to relive a moment? “Alexa, go back [time]” or “Alexa, skip ahead [time]” will do the trick. You can specify minutes or chapters, depending on what you need.
  • To Stop Reading: When calling it a night, “Alexa, stop” will save your spot until you’re ready to return.

If you’re up for a bit of an adventure and want to give searching with Alexa a go, here are some tips to improve your chances of finding that audiobook treasure:

  • Be Specific: Clarity is your friend when you’re asking Alexa to search. Use precise titles or author names. Try saying, “Alexa, search for the book [exact book title] by [author’s full name] on Audible.
  • Explore Genres: If you’re more of a genre explorer, you can ask, “Alexa, find me mystery (or any genre) books on Audible.” It’s a lucky dip, but who doesn’t love surprises?
  • Check New Releases and Bestsellers: For those who follow the charts, “Alexa, what are the new releases on Audible?” or “Alexa, list the bestsellers on Audible,” can lead you to some popular picks.
  • Narrowing Down: Once Alexa presents options, you can narrow down by saying, “Alexa, tell me more about the first one,” to get a better idea of whether it’s what you’re looking for.
  • Sample Listening: Curious about a book? Ask, “Alexa, play a sample of [book title] on Audible” to get a taste before diving in.

Not enough? Check out more Audible Commands.

Combining Tools for the Best Experience

While the Audible app remains the most straightforward search route, experimenting with Alexa can add an element of discovery to your Audible experience. Whether you choose the app’s precision or Alexa’s adventurous route, the goal is the same: finding your next great listen. And with these tips, you’re well-equipped to navigate the world of Audible with Alexa by your side.

Finding Free Audible Books with Alexa

Alexa can also help you dive into a selection of audiobooks without spending a dime. Here’s the simplified way to ask:

  • Direct Question: Ask, “Alexa, what Audible books are free?” This command prompts Alexa to highlight free titles you can start enjoying right away.
  • Prime Member Bonus: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can access Audible Channels for free. Say, “Alexa, play Audible Channels” to explore various content.
  • Stay Alert for Promos: Occasionally, Alexa has special promotions on Audible. A quick “Alexa, are there any Audible promotions?” can uncover hidden gems.

Straightforward Search for Free Books

For those who prefer a more direct approach to finding free Audible books, visit the link below to browse through a curated selection of free audiobooks available on Amazon:

Free Audible Books on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa read books for free?

Yes, Alexa can access a selection of free Audible books. Ask, “Alexa, what Audible books are free?” Also, Amazon Prime members can access Audible Channels and select audiobooks at no extra cost.

How do I make Alexa read my book from where I left off?

To continue listening to your book, say, “Alexa, resume my book on Audible,” Alexa will pick up right where you left off, ensuring a seamless listening experience.

Can Alexa play Audible books on all devices?

Alexa can play Audible books on various compatible devices, including Amazon Echo speakers, Fire tablets, and the Alexa app on smartphones. However, some older devices have limitations.

How do I control playback speed with Alexa?

To adjust the playback speed of your Audible book, say, “Alexa, read faster” or “Alexa, read slower.” Alexa offers several speeds, allowing you to find the perfect pace for your listening preference.

Combining Audible with Alexa

Alexa can read Audible books, transforming how we enjoy stories. This guide has shown you how to navigate Audible with Alexa—from playing books and finding titles to accessing free content.

Found a neat Alexa trick for Audible? Have questions or suggestions? Share them in the comments. And for more tips and tricks on Alexa, check out our Alexa Archives.

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