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Amazon Echo Show 5 vs 8: Picking the Perfect Smart Display

Navigating the smart display market can sometimes feel like a maze, especially when presented with popular choices like the Amazon Echo Show series. You’re in the right place if you’re wondering which to choose between the Amazon Echo Show 5 vs 8. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision.

Amazon Echo Show 5: Compact and Budget-Friendly

The Echo Show 5 is more than just a smart display; it’s a compact window to your smart home. Its 5.5-inch screen size ensures it fits seamlessly into any corner of your house, whether the bedroom, study, or kitchen.

  • Price: Positioned as a budget-friendly device, the Echo Show 5 is accessible to most, making smart home integration a reality without breaking the bank.
  • Size & Specs: Its 5.5-inch screen and resolution of 960×480 pixels is perfectly designed to be your digital assistant. It also has a 1MP camera for video calls and a built-in shutter for privacy.
  • Usages: Apart from alarms and weather checks, it’s fantastic for quick recipe lookups, short video clips, or getting updates on your favorite news channel.
  • Pros: Affordability and functionality make it an excellent choice for students, minimalists, or anyone just starting their smart home journey.
  • Cons: Its smaller screen might be better for extended video viewing or multi-tasking with split-screen functionalities.

Amazon Echo Show 8: Bigger and Bolder

The Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s answer to those seeking more from their smart displays. It offers a larger canvas to play, work, and connect.

  • Price: A slightly premium tag, but many find it justifiable for the features and enhancements it offers.
  • Size & Specs: The 8-inch HD screen delivers a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Alongside this, a 13MP camera provides clearer video calls, and the adaptive color adjustment ensures you get the best viewing experience.
  • Usages: Its possibilities are expansive, from streaming shows to video conferencing and interactive recipes to visualizing your calendar in a richer format.
  • Pros: Enhanced multimedia capabilities, adaptive display, and a more powerful speaker system make it suitable for entertainment and professionals.
  • Cons: Its larger footprint may be better for tight spaces or minimalistic setups.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 vs 8: Which One’s for You?

Deciding between the Echo Show 5 and 8 revolves around your lifestyle and expectations. For those living in smaller apartments or looking for a no-frills introduction to smart displays, the Echo Show 5 is a gem. For example, I use an Echo Show 5 on my desk simply because it takes up less space. Its compactness ensures it doesn’t dominate your space while providing core smart features, like becoming a security camera.

On the flip side, the Echo Show 8 is a mini entertainment powerhouse. If you frequently stream content, make video calls, or want a device that can be the centerpiece of a room, the Echo Show 8 is tailor-made for you. With its enhanced audio-visual capabilities, it transforms simple tasks into immersive experiences.

Essentially, it’s not about which is better, but which is better for you. Whether the space-saving Echo Show 5 or the dynamic Echo Show 8, both promise to elevate your smart home experience.

And don’t sleep on the rest of the Echo Show models, either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is bigger, Echo Show 5 or 8?

The Echo Show 8 is bigger with an 8-inch screen, while the Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch screen.

Is Echo Show 8 worth the money?

For users seeking higher resolution, richer sound, and a more immersive experience, the Echo Show 8 offers good value for its price.

Can I use both devices in different rooms?

Absolutely! You can have the Echo Show 5 in the bedroom and the Echo Show 8 in the living room, enabling seamless integration and multi-room control.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all winner in the showdown between the Amazon Echo Show 5 vs 8. It all comes down to your individual preferences, needs, and budget. Both devices have their strengths and cater to different audiences. So, whether you’re leaning towards the compact nature of the Echo Show 5 or the expansive features of the Echo Show 8, know that you’re making a smart choice.

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