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Can Alexa Identify Songs? Yes and No

Can Alexa identify songs? Yes, but maybe not the way you want. Only music is actually playing on Alexa. Alexa can’t identify any song playing in the room by some other device like Siri can. In this article, we’ll explore whether Alexa can identify songs and shed light on its limitations in this area.

How Alexa’s Song Identification Works

Alexa is a powerful voice assistant that excels in various tasks, but identifying songs is not one of its core features. Unlike apps like Shazam (now built into Siri), Alexa lacks specific audio recognition technology dedicated to identifying songs. Its primary focus is on voice commands, Smart Home control, and general knowledge.

Using Alexa to Identify Songs that are Playing on Alexa

Alexa can identify songs, though, in a specific way. When you stumble upon a captivating tune and wish to unveil its mysteries, issue a voice command like “Alexa, what song is this?” or “Alexa, what’s playing?” Alexa will spring into action, capturing the audio snippet and leveraging its powerful algorithms to identify the song. Within moments, you’ll receive valuable information about the song, including its title, artist, and album.

What is nice about this feature is it doesn’t matter what music service you might be using. Amazon Music, Spotify, and all the other options are supported.

Try iPhone

If you use an iPhone, you’re in luck. Siri has this feature built-in. Use this phrase with Siri to identify any song that you hear.

“Hey Siri, what’s the name of this song?”

Siri will then capture some audio and tell you the song’s name, with links to your music provider.

Alexa’s Strengths in Other Areas

Smart Plug

Although Alexa may fall short in identifying songs, it shines in other aspects of Smart Home control and general assistance. Alexa can effortlessly control Smart Devices, adjust lighting, set reminders, provide news updates, and offer general knowledge on various topics. Its voice-based capabilities extend to tasks like ordering products, making calls, setting timers, and managing calendars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Alexa identify songs at all? No, Alexa does not have built-in song identification capabilities. While Alexa is a powerful voice assistant with a wide range of features, identifying songs is not one of its core functionalities. At best, Alexa can identify songs currently playing on Alexa only.

Can Alexa use external services for song identification? Not currently. Since Apple bought Shazam, it is no longer available on Alexa. And there are no replacements at this time. 

Are there any plans for Alexa to add song identification in the future? As technology continues to evolve, Alexa may gain enhanced song identification capabilities in the future. However, there have been no official announcements regarding such additions to Alexa’s functionality.

Note: It’s essential to keep an eye on the latest updates from Amazon and Alexa’s development team to stay informed about any potential changes or additions to song identification features.


While Alexa is a versatile voice assistant, it does not possess the inherent ability to identify songs like dedicated apps such as Shazam. Its limitations in audio recognition technology and focus on other functionalities contribute to this gap. However, by exploring alternative solutions like Shazam, SoundHound, or Google Assistant, users can enjoy accurate and seamless song identification experiences. If identifying songs is your primary requirement, you should turn to specialized apps that excel in this area or an Apple device.

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