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Choosing and Replacing Batteries for Firestick Remote: Steps

Your Firestick remote is the gateway to countless hours of entertainment, and keeping it powered with the right batteries is critical. This comprehensive guide will delve into the types of batteries for Firestick remotes, how to replace them, when to change them, and where to find them. Whether you’re new to using a Firestick or simply looking to understand your remote better, we’ve got you covered.

What Batteries Do You Need for Firestick Remote?

The Firestick remote generally uses two AAA alkaline batteries. These are common in most households, making it easy for users to replace them when needed.

Choosing the Right Batteries

Selecting good-quality AAA batteries ensures longer life and optimal performance. Look for renowned brands that guarantee leak protection. You can find these batteries at convenience stores, supermarkets, or online marketplaces.

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When to Replace the Batteries

Knowing when to replace the batteries is equally important as knowing how to replace them. If your remote starts acting erratically, responding slowly, or not responding, it indicates that the batteries need replacement. Regularly checking and changing the batteries ensures a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.

How to Replace Batteries for Firestick Remote

Replacing the batteries in your Firestick remote is a straightforward task, but it’s essential to follow the correct steps to ensure you don’t cause any damage to the remote. Here’s a detailed guide that breaks down the process.

Step-by-step Guide to Replacing Batteries

  1. Turn the Remote Over: Hold the remote with the buttons facing down to access the battery compartment.
  2. Slide Open the Battery Compartment Cover: Locate the indentation near the bottom of the remote. Apply gentle pressure and slide the cover downward to reveal the battery compartment.
  3. Remove the Old Batteries: Carefully take out the existing batteries. Note the alignment of the positive (+) and negative (-) ends, as you must replicate this with the new batteries.
  4. Dispose of the Old Batteries Properly: Recycling old batteries at a local recycling center is a good practice rather than throwing them in the trash.
  5. Insert the New AAA Batteries: Place the new batteries into the compartment, making sure to align the positive and negative ends correctly, as indicated inside the battery compartment.
  6. Check the Functionality: Before closing the compartment, check the functionality of the remote to ensure the batteries are inserted correctly.
  7. Slide the Cover Back into Place: Align the cover with the remote and slide it upward until it clicks. It should fit snugly without any gaps.

For visual learners, check out Tom Leeman’s video here:

Tips and Cautions

  • Always use fresh, brand-new batteries. Mixing old and new batteries can lead to reduced performance.
  • Ensure that the batteries are placed in the correct alignment. Incorrect placement can cause the remote not to work or even damage it.
  • If you experience difficulty opening or closing the battery compartment, do not force it, as this may cause damage. Gently slide the cover to avoid harming the remote.

Following this comprehensive guide, you can replace the batteries for Firestick remote effortlessly and continue to enjoy your favorite content without interruption. If you still have concerns, most user manuals include diagrams to assist in the replacement process, or you may find instructional videos online.

Alternative Ways to Control Your Firestick When the Remote Batteries Are Dead

Finding yourself with a dead Firestick remote doesn’t mean your entertainment has to pause. There are quick and easy alternatives you can utilize.

Use the Fire TV Remote App

Control your Firestick with your smartphone or tablet using the free Fire TV Remote App. Download the app, connect your device to your Firestick’s Wi-Fi network, and follow the on-screen instructions. For a step-by-step guide, check out this article on Smart Home Explained.

Use an Alexa-enabled Device

If you have an Alexa-enabled device like an Amazon Echo, you can link it with your Fire TV and control your Firestick using voice commands. The setup can be done through the Alexa app under the ‘Devices’ section.

These alternative methods offer convenience and ensure continuous access to your favorite content, even when the Firestick remote batteries run out. Learn more about Alexa Fire TV Commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of battery does the Firestick remote take?

The Firestick remote typically requires two AAA alkaline batteries.

How do I change Firestick batteries?

Changing Firestick batteries involves:

  • Opening the battery compartment.
  • Removing the old batteries.
  • Inserting new ones.
  • Closing the compartment.

Follow the detailed step-by-step guide mentioned in the above section.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my Firestick remote?

Yes, rechargeable AAA batteries are generally compatible with Firestick remotes. Using rechargeable batteries can be an economical and environmentally friendly option. Charge them fully before inserting them into the remote for optimal performance.

What should I do if my Firestick remote still doesn’t work after changing the batteries?

If the Firestick remote doesn’t respond after changing the batteries, ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly with the proper alignment. Try using a different set of new batteries, as the ones you inserted may be defective. If that doesn’t work, let’s, Troubleshoot remote problems.


Understanding the specifics of batteries for Firestick remote helps ensure an uninterrupted entertainment experience. From selecting suitable AAA alkaline batteries to knowing the step-by-step process of replacing them, this guide equips you with all the necessary knowledge. Remember, timely replacement and disposal of old batteries contribute to the optimal performance of your remote. If you have any questions or need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments. For more insights on related topics, visit the Alexa Archives. Happy streaming!

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