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Exploring Amazon Echo Show 15 Stand Options: Your Guide

If you’ve recently purchased an Amazon Echo Show 15, you might wonder about the best ways to mount or position it for optimal viewing. Congratulations! You’re at the right place. This guide will help you explore the possibilities for your Echo Show 15 stand and inspire you to create an intuitive setup at your home.

Unpacking the Echo Show 15 Stand

Your brand-new Amazon Echo Show 15 arrives with an integrated stand designed for either wall mounting or countertop placement. It’s more than just a stand – it’s a seamless part of the Echo Show 15 design. You don’t need to worry about purchasing a separate stand, and it’s all built-in.

Wall Mounting Your Echo Show 15

Mounting the Echo Show 15 on the wall can save you valuable countertop space and offer a unique way to display the device. The design includes a rear bracket easily installed on a wall. All you need are some screws (not included in the box) and a bit of DIY spirit.

Remember that, depending on your wall material, you may need specific tools or fasteners. Always ensure the wall can support the device’s weight, roughly 4.4 pounds.

Countertop Placement of Your Echo Show 15

If you prefer not to mount your Echo Show 15 on a wall, no problem! The device’s stand also allows it to be securely placed on a countertop, table, or flat surface. This flexible setup option makes it perfect for kitchen counters, bedside tables, or your office desk.

One pro tip: Position your Echo Show 15 away from direct sunlight or liquid sources to prolong lifespan.

Exploring Other Echo Show 15 Stand Alternatives

While Amazon doesn’t officially provide separate stand options, third-party manufacturers have designed various creative stands that could offer more versatility for your Echo Show 15 placement. These options range from adjustable stands for angling your device to portable battery bases for moving your device around freely. Let’s look at a few:

Letlar Wall Mount BracketThis is your go-to bracket if you want to mount Echo Show to the wall while having it swivel to different directions and angles.

Under-Cabinet MountThis one lets you mount echo show from the bottom of your cabinet. Very handy if you’re looking to use it in your kitchen but can’t attach it directly to the wall.

Almoz Swivel StandThis upgrade to the standard mount sits on a surface but can swivel around in a circle. Super handy if you want to see Echo Show from different directions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Echo Show 15 Have a Stand?

Yes, the Echo Show 15 has an integrated stand designed for wall mounting and countertop placement.

Does the Echo Show 15 Have to Stay Plugged In?

Like most Echos, the Echo Show 15 must be plugged in for operation as it doesn’t have a built-in battery. If mobility is crucial for you, consider a third-party battery base.

What Year Did Echo Show 15 Come Out?

The Echo Show 15 was introduced by Amazon in 2022.


The Amazon Echo Show 15 combines versatility and usability with its built-in stand for wall mounting and countertop placement. Whether you’re a fan of wall mounts to save space, love the convenience of countertop placement, or wish to explore other alternatives, this device offers all the flexibility you need to enjoy your smart home experience.

For more tips and tricks on getting the most from your Alexa device, check out the Alexa Archives. We’re here to help make your smart home journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

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