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Exploring the Best Apps for Echo Show 5: A Comprehensive Guide

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is more than just a voice assistant; it’s a versatile device that combines voice and visual capabilities. In this guide, we’ll explore what skills are, uncover how certain skills work better with the Echo Show’s screen, and introduce some of the best apps for Echo Show 5. From watching movies to making video calls, cooking, and controlling smart home devices, there’s a world of possibilities with the Echo Show 5, which is very similar to the Echo Show 8. Let’s dive into all it has to offer!

What Are Alexa Skills – The Real Echo Show Apps?

Alexa Skills are third-party applications that add new capabilities to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. Think of them like apps on your smartphone but explicitly designed for voice interactions. These skills can help you perform tasks, entertain, educate, and more, all through voice commands.

When using an Echo Show device, many Alexa Skills are further enhanced by the visual component of the screen. Not only can you hear a response, but you can also see visual cues, graphics, or even videos that correspond with the voice interaction. Combining voice and visuals creates a more engaging and comprehensive user experience.

Whether asking for a recipe, requesting a ride, playing a trivia game, or managing your smart home devices, Alexa Skills make your life easier and more enjoyable. With its screen functionality, the Echo Show takes these skills to the next level, allowing you to interact with Alexa more dynamically.

Skills That Work Better With Echo Show

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Combining the Echo Show’s visual capabilities with skills gives you a more immersive experience. Here’s how the Echo Show’s display elevates some skills:

  1. Cooking Skills: Following a recipe has always been challenging. Cooking skills provide step-by-step instructions; with the Echo Show, you can even watch video tutorials. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, visual guides take your culinary experience to the next level.
  2. Fitness Skills: Want to stay fit at home? Fitness Skills on the Echo Show offer a variety of workout routines, complete with on-screen demonstrations. You can choose the workout that suits you and follow along with the visual cues, making your exercise sessions more effective and enjoyable. However, some of the larger Echo Show models might be better here.
  3. Home Automation Skills: If you have a smart home, the Echo Show’s home automation skills allow you to control and monitor smart devices visually. Adjust your thermostat, view security camera feeds, or control smart lights directly from the Echo Show’s screen. The Echo Show screen is handy for light levels, where you can adjust the brightness by touching the screen. It’s an all-in-one hub for your smart home needs.
  4. Educational Skills: For those looking to learn something new, academic skills provide interactive lessons and quizzes on various subjects. With the Echo Show, visual aids and interactive graphics make learning engaging and fun for children and adults.
  5. Travel and Weather Information: Planning a trip or need to know the weather forecast? Travel and weather skills provide detailed information, and the Echo Show displays maps, forecasts, and other visual aids to help you make informed decisions.
  6. Entertainment and Games: From voice-controlled games to interactive storybooks, the Echo Show adds a visual element to entertainment skills to entertain the whole family.

Apps for Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is not confined to voice commands and skills alone. Various apps are designed to fully utilize the device’s screen, offering a richer user experience. Here are some noteworthy examples:

  • Amazon Prime Video: With Amazon Prime Video, you can watch thousands of movies, TV shows, and exclusive Amazon Originals. The Echo Show’s screen delivers a high-quality viewing experience right in the comfort of your home.
  • Hulu: Hulu lets you stream live TV and provides on-demand access to a vast content library. Customize your watchlist and enjoy personalized recommendations, all on the Echo Show’s convenient display.
  • Zoom: Stay connected with friends, family, or colleagues through video calls on your Echo Show. With Zoom integration, you can join meetings, chat face-to-face, and enjoy a seamless communication experience from your device.
  • Spotify: Love music? Spotify on Echo Show lets you browse playlists, discover new songs, and enjoy a visual album art display as you listen to your favorite tunes.
  • Allrecipes: Enhance your cooking adventure with Allrecipes. Browse through thousands of recipes, watch how-to videos, and follow along with step-by-step guides, all displayed beautifully on your Echo Show.
  • Ring: If you have Ring security cameras or lights, the Echo Show allows you to monitor your home directly from its screen. View live feeds, receive alerts, and efficiently ensure your home’s safety. Another cool feature is using your Echo Show as a security camera.

Check out more apps tailored for Echo Show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Netflix on my Echo Show 5?

Indeed, you can enjoy Netflix content on your Echo Show 5. Log into your Netflix account, and you’ll have access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and exclusive content, all conveniently displayed on the Echo Show’s screen.

How do I download apps on my Echo Show 5?

Downloading apps on the Echo Show 5 is straightforward. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone, go to the ‘Skills & Games’ section, and browse or search for your desired skill. Once you find the app, tap ‘Enable,’ it will be ready for use on your Echo Show.

Can I make video calls with my Echo Show 5?

Yes, you can make video calls using your Echo Show 5. With apps like Zoom and Skype, you can connect with family and friends or join work meetings. The Echo Show’s screen and camera make video conferencing smooth and enjoyable. Learn more about Echo Show Video Calls.

Is the Echo Show 5 compatible with other smart home devices?

The Echo Show 5 is compatible with smart home devices such as smart lights, thermostats, cameras, and motion detectors. With the right skills enabled, you can control and monitor these devices directly from your Echo Show, creating a centralized hub for your smart home. 


The Echo Show 5, with its unique blend of voice and visual interaction, has redefined our experience with voice-assistant technology. Through specially designed skills and a wide range of apps for Echo Show 5, users can enjoy a multifaceted experience beyond mere voice commands. From entertainment and communication to education and home automation, the Echo Show 5 provides a robust, immersive experience catering to diverse needs and preferences. It’s time to explore and unlock the full potential of your Echo Show device.

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