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Funny Things to Ask Alexa for Kids: Jokes, Games, Learning

Transform your home into a hub of laughter, learning, and limitless fun with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant. Our updated “funny things to ask Alexa for kids” guide is brimming with commands that will tickle funny bones, spark creativity, and open the doors of knowledge. Let’s dive right in!

Giggle Galore: Alexa’s Jokes

Let Alexa, your family’s personal comedian, fill your home with laughter using these funny commands:

  1. Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road? – A unique spin on a timeless classic.
  2. Alexa, tell me a knock-knock joke. – The universal joke for all ages.
  3. Alexa, tell me a riddle. – Engage in some mental gymnastics.
  4. Alexa, make me laugh. – Let Alexa’s spontaneous humor surprise you.
  5. Alexa, tell me a tongue twister. – Laughs and linguistic challenges combined!

Laughter is the best medicine, and Alexa’s ready with a healthy dose! Check out some more funny commands.

Interactive Fun: Alexa Games

Breathe life into playtime with these interactive Alexa games that kids will love:

  1. Alexa, play Akinator. – A guessing game that’ll test your character knowledge.
  2. Alexa, open Lemonade Stand. – Encourage entrepreneurial thinking in a fun way.
  3. Alexa, play Would You Rather for Family. – The beloved decision-making game suitable for everyone.
  4. Alexa, open Hide and Seek. – Hide and seek without the running around!
  5. Alexa, play Bingo. – All the fun of Bingo without needing a game board!

Games that engage young minds can also keep them entertained for hours.

Edutainment: Alexa Skills

Who says education can’t be entertaining? Alexa’s skills ensure learning is as enjoyable as play:

  1. Alexa, start Kids Court. – Resolves petty disputes in an amusing yet fair manner.
  2. Alexa, open Science Buddy. – Turns science into an exciting exploration.
  3. Alexa, open Amazon Storytime. – Takes story time to a new level with professionally narrated tales.
  4. Alexa, start Kid Power. – Encourages physical activity while teaching about different cultures.

With these skills, Alexa ensures learning is never a dull affair. You can always ask Alexa some weird questions too.

Other Fun Commands for Kids

That’s not all. Alexa is full of fun responses that’ll leave your kids in awe:

  1. Alexa, what’s your favorite color? – A fun insight into Alexa’s preferences!
  2. Alexa, can you meow? – An animal impersonation that’ll leave kids giggling.
  3. Alexa, beatbox for me. – A musical treat for all.
  4. Alexa, give me a random fact. – A fun way to learn something new every day.
  5. Alexa, tell me a superhero story. – For the superhero lovers in your family.

With these commands, Alexa becomes the perfect companion for your kids. Check out some more useful things to ask Alexa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some silly Alexa commands?

Commands like “Alexa, do you have pets?” or “Alexa, do a barrel roll” will give you silly responses that will have your kids rolling on the floor with laughter. Find more silly commands.

How do you make Alexa sing?

Just ask, “Alexa, sing a song,” and prepare to be delighted by her musical abilities! 

Can Alexa help my kid with their homework?

Absolutely! Alexa can help with fundamental math problems, spelling, and factual questions like “Alexa, how far is the moon?” or “Alexa, who was the first president?”

Does Alexa have bedtime stories for kids?

Yes, Alexa can narrate bedtime stories for kids. Just say, “Alexa, open Amazon Storytime,” and let her weave magical tales.

Can Alexa play music for kids?

Of course! Just ask, “Alexa, play kids music,” and Alexa will play a selection of child-friendly tunes. Learn how to get music with Alexa.


The ‘funny things to ask Alexa for kids’ is an exciting blend of laughter, play, and learning. These commands transform Alexa into a comedian, game master, and learning guide, offering endless fun for your children. So, when your kids next interact with Alexa, ensure they have these commands up their sleeve.

For more Alexa tips and tricks, explore the Alexa Archives here.

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