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Get Your Alexa Fix with These Amazon Echo Input Alternatives

The Amazon Echo Input enabled you to give any speaker 2.5mm jack Alexa capabilities. In essence, it converted any old speaker into an Alexa-enabled speaker. But sadly, Amazon discontinued the device. And with that hole, what’s next? Worry no more. Here’s the lowdown on some worthy Amazon Echo Input Alternatives to ensure your Alexa experience remains uninterrupted.


The Amazon Echo Input was an innovative device that allowed users to connect their speakers to Alexa, transforming a traditional sound system into a smart one. It had an AUX input, which enabled it to connect to external speakers via a 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth. Since the Echo Input is no longer in production, we’ll explore the various alternatives and how they might fit into your smart home ecosystem.

Understanding the Amazon Echo Input and AUX Input

The Amazon Echo Input was a compact device that allowed you to use Alexa with your existing speakers. It didn’t have a built-in speaker, but its key feature was the AUX input. With this 3.5mm jack, users could connect their regular speakers to the Echo Input, allowing Alexa’s voice to emanate. Additionally, it provided Bluetooth support for wireless connections.

With the Echo Input discontinued you should consider a few alternatives.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd – An Inbuilt Speaker Solution

Amazon Echo Dot, Plum

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen is the most direct alternative to the Echo Input. Warning! The 4th gen Echo Dot does not have an AUX jack! Unlike the Echo Input, it is compact and equipped with a built-in speaker. The Echo Dot also features a 3.5mm AUX output that can connect to external speakers. This means it can perform all the tasks that the Echo Input was capable of, with the added benefit of a standalone speaker.

This one might be harder to find, though, given that Echo Dot 4th gen is the latest. You can still pick up a refurbished one on Amazon for now.

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Amazon Echo 4th Gen – Tried and True

Echo 4th Gen

The Amazon Echo 4th Gen is a slightly larger device with superior sound quality than the Echo Dot. Unlike the Echo Dot 4th gen, it has a 3.5mm AUX jack that can connect to an external speaker system. If you’re looking for an upgrade in sound quality without losing the functionality of the Echo Input, the Amazon Echo is an excellent choice. And with improved sound quality, you may not need the input after all.

Sonos One – An Alexa-Enabled Premium Speaker

While it’s not an Amazon product, the Sonos One is a high-quality speaker that supports Alexa. It can be used like the Echo Input when paired with the Alexa app. While it doesn’t have an AUX input, it provides excellent sound quality and a seamless Alexa experience.

The Echo Studio – A High-Fidelity Smart Speaker

If you’re seeking an immersive audio experience while maintaining access to Alexa, the Amazon Echo Studio could be your device. As Amazon’s high-end smart speaker, the Echo Studio is crafted for audiophiles, delivering impressive sound quality.

The Echo Studio differentiates itself from other Echo devices through its five strategically positioned speakers, producing powerful bass, dynamic midrange, and crisp highs. Its ability to adapt to the room’s acoustics ensures optimal sound output no matter where you place it.

Echo Studio also has n 3.5 mm AUX jack. And it also features an audio line in/optical line that supports mini Toslink, allowing you to connect it to your television or another audio source.

Using Your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker

One of the lesser-known yet valuable features of the Amazon Echo devices is their ability to double as Bluetooth speakers. This functionality can be especially useful if you have music or podcasts stored on your phone or another device you want to listen to on your Echo. Here’s a look at how to make it work.

Check out the guide to connect your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device to your Amazon Echo.

It’s important to note that while your Echo device is paired with a Bluetooth speaker, you can still use Alexa. However, the voice assistant may lower the audio playing from your device when trying to listen to your commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Echo Input being discontinued?

Yes, Amazon discontinued the Echo Input. However, there are several alternatives available that provide similar functionality.

Does the Amazon Echo have an AUX input?

The Amazon Echo does not have an AUX input, but it does have an AUX output. This means you can use it to play Alexa’s audio through an external speaker system.

What can I use instead of Amazon Echo Input?

You can use other Amazon products like the Echo Dot or Echo, which have an AUX output. Devices like the Sonos One offer a premium speaker with built-in Alexa support. Read more above!

Does the Echo Dot support Alexa?

The Echo Dot supports Alexa, allowing you to control music, get news updates, check the weather, and manage your smart home devices. Learn the difference between Echo and Alexa.

What do you need for Alexa to work?

For Alexa to work, you need a device with Alexa support (like an Echo Dot, Echo, or Sonos One), a stable Wi-Fi connection, and the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. Get more details.


The discontinuation of the Amazon Echo Input doesn’t mean the end of your Alexa journey. You can choose from alternatives like the Echo Dot, Echo, or even non-Amazon products like the Sonos One. Each offers unique features, but they all support Alexa and can connect to external speakers (although the method may vary). So, whether through an AUX cable or Bluetooth, keep the tunes flowing and enjoy the convenience of Alexa’s skills.

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