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Guide to Having Alexa Read Kindle Books on Your iPhone

Are you looking to turn your reading experience into a listening one? Look no further. You can do that and more with the power of Alexa. Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant, can bring your Kindle books to life, turning the written word into a captivating audio story. But can Alexa read Kindle books on iPhone? If that question got you here, you’re in for a treat.


These days everyone is always on the go, and multitasking is the name of the game. Nothing quite fits the bill like listening to your favorite Kindle books while doing other tasks. And yes, your favorite voice assistant, Alexa, can help you do that – even on your iPhone.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the simple steps you need to take to have Alexa read your Kindle books on your iPhone. But that’s not all. We’ll also delve into some frequently asked questions surrounding this topic and wrap up with a summary.

So, Can Alexa Read Kindle Books on iPhone?

Yes, absolutely. To have Alexa read your Kindle books on your iPhone, you need the Amazon Alexa app installed on your device. Once you’ve synced your Kindle library with the Alexa app, you’re ready to start enjoying your favorite books in audio format.

How to Setup Alexa to Read Kindle Books on iPhone

First, you need the Amazon Alexa app and the Kindle app on your iPhone. You can download them from the App Store if you don’t have them installed.

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Play button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the “Music & Books” option.
  4. Scroll down until you find “Kindle Books.”
  5. Tap on it to see the list of your Kindle books.
  6. Select the text you want Alexa to read and enjoy the experience.

Speak to Alexa on iPhone

With the Alexa app open, you can also tell Alexa to read your book directly. Just tap on the Alexa log at the bottom.

After tapping the Alexa logo, you’ll see a blue bar at the bottom, indicating that Alexa is listening. Now, you can ask questions or give commands like you would with an Amazon Echo device. For example, you can say, “Alexa, what’s the weather like?” or “Alexa, read [Kindle book title].”

Customizing the Alexa Reading Experience

The best part about using Alexa to read Kindle books is that you can customize the reading experience. You can control the reading speed and ask Alexa to pause reading or move to the next chapter.

Learn more Alexa Kindle Commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa read all types of Kindle books?

Alexa can read most Kindle books. However, a few exceptions exist, like graphic novels, comics, and books with many images. Also, note that the ability of Alexa to read a book also depends on the book’s format and rights; some publishers restrict the text-to-speech feature.

Can I use Alexa to read Kindle books on other devices?

Yes, you can use Alexa to read Kindle books on other devices like Android phones, tablets, and even Amazon Echo devices, like Echo Show. The process to set it up is similar to the iPhone setup we discussed above.

Do I have to pay extra to use Alexa to read Kindle books?

There’s no extra charge to use Alexa’s text-to-speech feature to read Kindle books. However, the books you want to read must be part of your Kindle library, which may require purchasing if you still need to own them. Amazon also has free Kindle books that work with Alexa. Learn more.


To sum it up, Alexa can read Kindle books on iPhone. All you need is the Amazon Alexa app, and your Kindle library synced with it. While Alexa can’t read all types of Kindle books, it offers a convenient and enjoyable way to ‘read’ books, especially for those busy times when you can’t sit down with a physical book or e-reader.

Amazon’s voice assistant has indeed made life simpler and more convenient. With Alexa’s ability to read Kindle books, Amazon has brought the luxury of audiobooks to a broader audience, making multitasking more achievable and enjoyable. So, why wait? Get your Alexa to read your Kindle books on your iPhone today.

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