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How to Video Call on Echo Show 5: Everything You Need to Know

With the Echo Show 5, staying connected with friends and family through video calls has never been more convenient. Whether it’s seeing a loved one’s face, sending voice messages, or utilizing other innovative communication features, the Echo Show 5 offers an array of possibilities. This guide will walk you through how to video call on Echo Show 5, from initial setup to making the call, while exploring other Alexa communication features beyond just video calling. If you’ve ever wondered about the power of voice technology in enhancing our everyday connections, this guide is for you!

How to Video Call on Echo Show 5: Setting Up Your Device

Setting up your device is the first step if you want to video call on Echo Show 5. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to getting everything ready:

  1. Connect to WiFi: Ensure your Echo Show 5 is connected to your WiFi network to enable all its features. Troubleshoot WiFi.
  2. Sign in to Your Amazon Account: This allows you to access the Alexa app, which is essential for making video calls.
  3. Update the Alexa App: Ensure that the Alexa app on your phone or tablet is updated to the latest version. If you need guidance on how to update it, check out this step-by-step guide.
  4. Set Up Alexa Contacts: To make a video call, you must have the contacts saved in your Alexa app. You can manually add contacts or sync contacts from your mobile device:
  5. Customize Your Calling Preferences: You should review and adjust your call settings, such as turning drop in on or off, setting up call blocking, etc.
  6. Review Compatible Devices: Ensure the person you’re calling has a compatible device, such as another Echo Show or the Alexa app on their phone. You can learn more about compatible devices from this user-friendly guide.
  7. Test Your Camera and Microphone: Before making your first call, testing the camera and microphone may be helpful to ensure they are working correctly.

Setting up your Echo Show 5 might seem like a lot initially, but these steps will lead you to a seamless video-calling experience.

Making a Video Call

Making a video call on the Echo Show 5 is a smooth process that gives you a chance to see the smiling faces of your loved ones. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make a video call:

  1. Choose the Contact: You can make a video call to anyone in your Alexa contacts. You may also call phone numbers in supported regions if saved in your contacts.
  2. Use Voice Commands: Tell Alexa who you want to call. For example, you can say, “Alexa, call Mom’s Echo Show.”
  3. Wait for the Connection: Alexa will work its magic, connecting your call. You’ll see a visual display on the screen showing the progress of the connection.
  4. Accept or Decline Calls: You’ll see an incoming call notification if you’re on the receiving end. You can accept it by saying, “Alexa, answer,” or decline it with, “Alexa, hang up.”
  5. During the Call: Enjoy video chatting with your contact! The touch screen allows you to toggle features like turning the camera on/off, adjusting volume, and more.
  6. End the Call: To end the call, you can say, “Alexa, end the call,” or use the touch screen to press the end call button.
  7. Group Video Calls: Echo Show 5 supports group video calls with Alexa contacts. You can add more people to the call or join group calls you’ve been invited to.
  8. Enhance Video Quality: Position your Echo Show 5 in a well-lit area and make sure your face is visible to the camera. This ensures a better video quality experience for both ends.

Making a video call with Echo Show 5 is more than just pressing a few buttons. It’s about creating connections, sharing moments, and feeling closer even miles apart. With Echo Show 5, video calling becomes an enjoyable and effortless experience that brings friends and family into your living room.

Exploring Other Alexa Communication Features

The Echo Show 5 is for more than just video calls. With Alexa, it becomes a comprehensive communication hub, allowing you to explore various ways to stay in touch with loved ones.

You can make regular voice calls to other Echo devices or phone numbers in certain countries. The unique Drop In feature acts like a two-way intercom, allowing instant connections with approved contacts or other Echo devices within your home. It’s a handy tool for quick check-ins or casual conversations.

If you want to send a message to all Echo devices in your home, the Announcement feature helps you simultaneously broadcast a voice message to every room. For more personalized communication, Alexa allows you to send and receive both voice and text messages with your contacts.

You can customize your communication preferences with Alexa Routines based on specific times or conditions. You can even integrate third-party messaging and calling apps to use them directly through your Echo Show 5.

Learn about more Echo Show features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you video call anyone on Echo Show?

Yes, you can video call anyone in your Alexa contacts who has a compatible device, such as another Echo Show or the Alexa app on a smartphone. Additionally, you can make voice calls to most phone numbers in supported regions.

Can I access my Echo Show camera from my phone?

Yes! Learn how to use Echo Show as a security camera.

Can I make group video calls on Echo Show 5?

Yes, group video calls are possible on Echo Show 5 with other Alexa contacts. You can create a group in your Alexa app and initiate a group call using a voice command or touchscreen interface.

Can I use other video conferencing apps on Echo Show 5?

The Echo Show 5 supports some third-party communication apps, but availability can vary by region and over time. Check the Alexa app or the Amazon website for the most up-to-date information on compatible apps.


Understanding how to video call on Echo Show 5 opens up a world of communication opportunities right at your fingertips. From setting up your device, making video and voice calls, and discovering other Alexa communication features, the Echo Show 5 offers something for everyone. It’s not just about video calling; it’s about transforming how we connect with our loved ones, making every interaction more personal and engaging. Whether you’re a new user or looking to get more out of your Echo Show 5, this guide has equipped you with the needed knowledge. If you want to explore more tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to dive into the Alexa Archives. Happy calling!

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