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Keeping Up With Alexa Commands
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Keeping Up With Alexa Commands: Nov 27- Thanksgiving Edition

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to our special post-Black Friday edition of “Keeping Up With Alexa.” I’m your guide through the ever-evolving world of Alexa and smart home technology. After a decade of working with Siri at Apple and Alexa at Amazon, I’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the quirky in voice assistant technology.

Every week, Alexa’s newsletter dishes out a variety of commands. Some are incredibly handy, while others might leave you wondering what they were thinking. But fear not! In “Keeping Up With Alexa,” I personally test each command and bring you the most useful ones, saving you the hassle of trial and error.

And for those of you who’ve just joined the Alexa family this Black Friday, you’re in for a treat. This newsletter is tailored to help you navigate your new smart assistant with ease. If you find these insights helpful, why not stay in the loop?

Table of Contents

Understanding “Keeping Up With Alexa”

Welcome to “Keeping Up With Alexa,” where I, a seasoned smart home expert, dive into the weekly Alexa newsletter to sort the must-try commands from the not-so-useful ones. Think of me as your Alexa command curator, testing and handpicking the best features so you don’t have to. Whether you’re a new Alexa user or just curious about smart home tech, this newsletter is your shortcut to becoming an Alexa pro. Let’s cut through the tech clutter and make your smart home journey both simple and fun!

Alexa Commands

This week, I’ve tested a handful of commands from Alexa’s latest newsletter and here’s the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not.

Must-Try Commands

  • “Alexa, let’s chat.”: This is the big one. Want a taste of what Alexa will become? Try this out. It’s like conversing casually with a friend who knows a lot (and I mean a lot) about everything.
  • “Alexa, remind me when Thursday Night Football is on. “: For the sports enthusiasts, this command is a touchdown! Set a weekly reminder for Thursday Night Football at 8:15 PM ET, and never miss the kickoff. And going further, set up a football routine.
  • “Alexa, play the summer playlist everywhere”: Bring summer vibes to every corner of your home and simultaneously play music on all your Alexa devices. This command is perfect for those impromptu dance parties or just lounging around.
  • “Alexa, what are my upcoming reminders?”: Keep track of your busy life without lifting a finger. This command is a lifesaver for those who need help remembering what we had for breakfast. I use a recurring reminder to ensure my dog is fed daily. 
  • “Alexa, tell me an autumn joke.”: Get ready to roll your eyes and chuckle with some seasonally-themed humor.
    • When I asked this week, Alexa gave me this one: Why did the broth taste funny? It was a laughing stock! 

Each of these commands has been tried and tested in my own home, ensuring they’re not just cool features but genuinely useful additions to your daily routine.

In the world of smart home technology, things are constantly changing, and it’s crucial to stay updated. Here’s a roundup of the latest news and developments in the Alexa and smart home space.

Job Cuts in the Alexa Division at Amazon

The News: Amazon recently announced job cuts in the Alexa division. Read more about it here.

What This Means For You: While this might sound alarming, it’s not all doom and gloom. Alexa has a vast team, and these changes could signal a strategic shift. With new advancements on the horizon, we might see some exciting developments in Alexa’s capabilities in the next couple of years, with tools like ChatGPT becoming popular. In the tech world, change often breeds innovation.

Echo Auto 2 Teardown

Alexa Auto 2
  • The News: A curious Reddit user took apart the Echo Auto 2 to explore its inner workings. Check out their findings here.
  • What This Means For You: For the tech enthusiasts among us, this teardown is a fascinating glimpse into the hardware that powers our devices. It’s always interesting to see how these gadgets are put together and what makes them tick.

MyQ Blocks 3rd Party Platforms

  • The News: MyQ has decided to block third-party platforms like HomeBridge. Read more about their decision here.
  • What This Means For You: This move by MyQ isn’t entirely surprising. They’ve been pretty exclusive with their platform support. Consider other options if you’re looking for a garage door opener that plays nice with Alexa.

Potential Changes to FireOS

  • The News: Amazon might be moving away from Android for its Fire TV devices. Learn more about this development here.
  • What This Means For You: This is exciting news for Alexa and Amazon ecosystem enthusiasts! A dedicated operating system could mean faster, more seamless integration and performance for Fire TV devices. It’s a step towards a more unified and efficient smart home experience.

Staying informed about these developments keeps you ahead of the curve and helps you make better decisions about your smart home setup. As we see, the landscape is constantly evolving, and I’m here to help you navigate it!


As we wrap up this edition of Keeping Up With Alexa, I hope you’ve found the insights and updates both enlightening and enjoyable. Whether you’re a newcomer to the Alexa family or a seasoned smart home enthusiast, my goal is to make your journey with these technologies as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you’ve enjoyed this newsletter and want to keep up with the latest in Alexa and smart home tech, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter. Your feedback and experiences are always welcome, so feel free to reach out with your stories or questions about living with Alexa and other smart devices.

Here’s to making our homes smarter and our lives easier, one command at a time. Until next time!

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