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Lost and Found: Can Alexa Find My Remote?

We’ve all been there: The TV remote is missing, and we’re stuck manually changing channels or — heaven forbid — watching whatever’s on. The question burning in everyone’s mind is, can Alexa find my remote? The answer is a resounding yes! Whether you use a tracking device or opt for the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro with a built-in finder, Alexa can help you locate that elusive TV remote. If you’re also considering replacing your remote, you might find this article on how to replace your Fire TV remote useful. Let’s dive into how Alexa helps you find your missing remote.

How Does Alexa Help in Finding Your Remote?

The Hardware Setup

Finding your remote with Alexa involves a two-step approach: setting up the hardware and then integrating it with the software.

Firstly, you’ll typically need a compatible tracking device attached to your remote for Alexa to locate it. Brands like Tile offer small, Bluetooth-enabled trackers that you can easily stick onto or slip into the remote’s battery compartment. These trackers use Bluetooth technology to communicate with your Alexa device.

If you’re an Amazon enthusiast, consider the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro, which has a built-in remote finder. This removes the need for an external tracking device, simplifying the process.

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The Software Integration

Once you’ve decided on your hardware, it’s time to bring it to life by connecting it with your Alexa device. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone, navigate to the “Devices” tab, and click “Add Device.” Search for your tracking device or Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro, and follow the prompts to add and integrate it. This is a one-time setup, but it’s crucial for enabling the voice command that will find your remote.

The Alexa Command

After setting up, you’re all prepped to find that elusive remote whenever it decides to play hide-and-seek. Activate your Alexa and command, “Alexa, find my remote.” If you’ve used an external tracker, it will ring, beep, or flash lights. And if you have the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro, it will use its built-in features to alert you to its location.

If all else fails and you’re considering a replacement, check out this guide on replacing your Fire TV remote.

Now, let’s explore some alternatives.

Alternatives to Using Alexa for Locating Your Remote

Smartphone Apps

Various apps can locate missing remotes by turning your phone into a tracking device. Apps like StickR TrackR provide a similar function to the tracking device but use your smartphone’s capabilities instead.

Built-in TV Features

Some modern smart TVs come with remote-finding features. Brands like Samsung and LG have implemented functions that enable your TV to emit a loud sound from the remote, making it easier to find. Check your TV settings or user manual to see if your model offers this handy feature.

Now, let’s get to some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa find your TV remote?

Certainly! As long as you have a compatible tracking device like Tile attached to your remote or the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro with built-in finder capabilities, Alexa can help you locate your TV remote.

Is there an app to find your remote?

Yes, some apps can assist you in this task. Apps like StickR or TrackR can turn your smartphone into a tracking device to help you locate your remote. These apps are usually compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

How reliable are tracking devices for remotes?

Tracking devices like Tile have built a reputation for being exceptionally reliable. They use Bluetooth to send signals to your Alexa device, helping you pinpoint your remote’s location within a specific range, typically around 150 to 300 feet.

Can any Alexa device find my remote?

Most Alexa devices can perform this function, but they must be compatible with your chosen tracking device. Always check the compatibility lists on your tracking device’s website or the Amazon product listing to ensure your Alexa device is supported.

Are there any monthly fees associated with using tracking devices?

Generally, tracking devices don’t require a monthly fee for basic features like finding your remote. However, some offer premium services at a monthly or yearly cost.


So, can Alexa find my remote? And the answer is absolutely yes. Alexa offers a convenient and efficient way to locate your missing remote, whether through a Bluetooth tracker or the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro’s built-in features. You also have alternative options, including smartphone apps and built-in TV features. If you’ve exhausted all these options and still need help finding your remote, consider reading this guide on replacing your Fire TV remote. Misplacing your remote need not cause panic anymore; there are solutions to keep your TV time hassle-free.

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