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Siri FaceTime Commands
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Siri FaceTime Commands

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to use FaceTime with Siri on your iPhone. Learning what you can ask Siri is crucial to getting the most out of your iPhone. For instance, did you know there are several Siri commands that let Siri make audio and video calls using FaceTime? Siri can do things like make calls, change the call type, and interact with your contacts.

See the most common questions answered in the FAQ section, or view the complete list of FaceTime commands under Keeping Up With Siri in the table of contents below.


Can you use Siri while on FaceTime?

Yes and no, just like with Phone Calls. On iPhone, you won’t be able to activate Siri while you have an incoming FaceTime call. However, you can answer a Facetime call via HomePod (voice only).

Can Siri make phone calls?

Yes. Check out the Siri Phone commands.

Can Siri call FaceTime with audio only?

Yes. Use this command.

Can Siri call FaceTime with video?

By default, Siri starts a video chat with FaceTime. Use this command.

Keeping Up With Siri

Want to learn all 366 commands you can ask Siri to do? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Keeping Up With Siri. In this series, I highlight Apple’s Siri Guide with the full lineup of commands and capabilities. 

In this post, I cover all the commands Siri responds to within the FaceTime section. This area focuses on using Siri to make calls using FaceTime. Given this category is the second stop on Apple’s guide, it’s likely these Siri capabilities are the most used and helpful for all iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.

Let’s get started.

FaceTime Commands

FaceTime is Apple’s video chat solution. With FaceTime, you can start video or audio chats with your contacts. FaceTime commands are really similar to Phone commands, so expect to see some of the same functionality.

“Hey Siri, FaceTime Lisa”

Like the Phone commands, you can start FaceTime calls with your contacts using these two words.

“Hey Siri, make a FaceTime call to Susan Conway”

If a contact has a phone number and FaceTime, you can use the phrase “FaceTime call” to make sure you’re calling using FaceTime—and not their cell phone number. This command also defaults to a video chat via FaceTime.

“Hey Siri, make a FaceTime audio call”

This command highlights two features. If you don’t specify a contact but you do mention FaceTime, Siri will ask you for a contact name.

Also, you can specify the type of FaceTime call you want to make, either audio or video. If you don’t specify, Siri defaults to a video call.

Check out what else you can do with Siri in Keeping Up With Siri Commands. In this series, I unpack the complete list of capabilities that you can do with Siri.

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