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The A to Z of the WeMo Light Switch: Smart Choices

Looking to smarten up your home but worried about future tech compatibility? Fear not! I’m Isaac, an Engineer with over a decade of experience in smart home tech. Today, we’re illuminating the world of the WeMo Light Switch. 

This guide will cover three WeMo switches, their features, and the scoop on Matter support for future-proofing your home. Ready to brighten your life? Let’s flip that switch!

Disclaimer: I earn a small percentage from Amazon when you click the product links below. This helps support the site at no extra cost to you.

WeMo 3-Way Light Switch: The Traffic Cop of Your Home

WeMo 3-Way Light Switch

Ever feel like a juggler with multiple switches for one light? The WeMo 3-Way Light Switch is your traffic cop, directing the flow of your home’s lighting.


  • Remote Control: Use the WeMo app to control your lights from anywhere. Handy for those “Did I leave the light on?” moments.
  • Voice Control: Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. Just say the word, and voila!
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a guide. You’ll need a neutral wire, which is standard in most modern homes.
  • Scheduling: Set your lights to turn on or off at specific times. Great for simulating presence when you’re away.
  • Away Mode: Randomize your lights to deter would-be intruders.


  • Wi-Fi: No hub needed; it connects directly to your Wi-Fi.
  • App Support: Available for both iOS and Android.

Pro Tip: This is for homes with multiple switches controlling the same light. If that’s not you, consider a simpler WeMo switch and save some dough.

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WeMo Dimmer Light Switch: Set the Mood, Literally

WeMo Dimmer Light Switch

Love setting the mood? The WeMo Dimmer Light Switch is your personal mood ring for your home.


  • Dimming Control: Adjust brightness via the app or voice commands. Perfect for movie nights or romantic dinners.
  • Night Mode: Lower brightness automatically during specific hours. No more blinding trips to the bathroom at night!
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. Speak, and your home shall listen.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a guide. A neutral wire is needed here, too.


  • Wi-Fi: Connects directly to your Wi-Fi; no hub required.
  • App Support: iOS and Android compatible.

Note: If dimming isn’t your thing, go for the classic WeMo Light Switch and keep that wallet happy.

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WeMo Light Switch: The Classic Choice

WeMo Light Switch

For the no-frills folks, the WeMo Light Switch offers straightforward smart lighting control.


  • Remote Control: Control lights via the WeMo app.
  • Voice Control: Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.
  • Easy Installation: Step-by-step guide included. A neutral wire is required.
  • Scheduling: Program your lights to make your life easier.


  • Wi-Fi: Direct Wi-Fi connection, no hub needed.
  • App Support: Available on both iOS and Android.

Note: This is the budget-friendly choice if you don’t need dimming or multiple switch control.

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WeMo: The Company Behind the Switches

WeMo has been a big name in smart homes for years. They focus on user-friendly devices, something I can vouch for. One of my first smart home devices was a WeMo Smart Plug. Trust me, they’ve been doing this well for a while.

Note: WeMo has paused on Matter support, so if you’re future-proofing, keep this in mind. Source

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will WeMo Light Switches Support Matter in the Future?

As of now, WeMo has paused development on Matter compatibility. If Matter support is a deal-breaker, consider other options. Personally, I’d make sure Matter support is coming before grabbing WeMo. That will be very important in the coming years.

What’s the Installation Process Like for WeMo Light Switches?

Installation is generally straightforward, with step-by-step guides provided. Note that a neutral wire is required for all WeMo light switches.

Check out this video for installation steps. It’s not WeMo exactly, but it should be roughly the same steps:

Can I Control WeMo Light Switches When I’m Not Home?

Yes, remote control is an option. You can operate these switches from anywhere using the WeMo app.

Are WeMo Light Switches Compatible with Other Smart Home Systems?

These switches are compatible with popular voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.

Do WeMo Light Switches Require a Hub?

No, these switches connect directly to your home Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for an additional hub.

How Energy-Efficient Are WeMo Light Switches?

While the switches consume minimal energy, their scheduling features can help you reduce overall energy consumption.

Making the Smart Switch with WeMo: Your Guide to a Brighter Home

In summary, the WeMo Light Switch offers something for everyone. They’re easy to install and work with popular voice assistants. Interested in more smart switch options? Check out our Smart Switches Archives.

Your Turn: Got thoughts or tips about WeMo Light Switches? Share them in the comments below. Your insights could help others make smarter choices.

Ready to make the smart switch with WeMo? Your brighter home awaits.

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