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The Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers that Work with Alexa

Craving the ultimate audio experience in your outdoor space? Dive into this guide on the best outdoor wireless speakers that work with Alexa. These devices will not only add an ambient touch to your garden parties, barbecues, or relaxing moments under the stars, but they’ll also offer you the convenience of Alexa’s voice command feature. We’ll present some exciting options and answer a few common questions about this topic.

Things to Consider While Looking at Outdoor Speakers for Alexa

Selecting the right outdoor speaker compatible with Alexa might seem daunting with the wide range of choices available. But fear not; we’ve listed key factors to help you make the best decision.


Confirm that the speaker is compatible with Alexa. Usually, you can tell by finding the “Works with Alexa” image in the product details. This ensures you can make the most of your voice assistant, changing tracks, adjusting volume, or even asking for weather updates without touching a button.

Sound Quality

Sound quality can dramatically affect your outdoor audio experience. Make sure your chosen speaker can deliver clear and immersive sound.

Weather Resistance

Since you’ll be using the speaker outdoors, it should withstand various weather conditions. Look for features like water resistance or waterproofing for durability.

Battery Life

A long-lasting battery is a crucial feature for any portable speaker. This will ensure your entertainment is well-spent during those long barbecue parties or overnight camping trips.


You’ll want a speaker that’s easy to carry around. Look for speakers with compact designs and features like handles or carrying cases.


Check the connectivity options offered by the speaker. Besides WiFi, an excellent outdoor speaker should offer Bluetooth connectivity for more flexibility.

Remember, the right outdoor wireless speaker that works with Alexa depends on your specific needs and preferences. Check the right boxes, whether it’s durability, sound quality, or portability. To learn more about using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker and for a step-by-step guide to setting up this connection, check out this article. This versatility makes Alexa and Bluetooth a powerful duo for outdoor audio escapades.

Let’s look at a few outdoor wireless speakers that work with Alexa.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

With the premium sound quality Bose is famous for, this portable smart speaker brings music to your outdoor gatherings in style. The robust built-in Alexa feature ensures seamless voice-command functionality. Its weather resistance is a bonus, ideal for those unpredictable weather days.

Ultimate Ears Megablast

Packed with immersive, room-filling sound capabilities, the Megablast speaker offers a waterproof solution for your outdoor audio needs. The speaker is Alexa-enabled, allowing you to change tracks, adjust the volume, or even check the weather—all hands-free.

Sonos Move

Despite its sleek, compact design, the Sonos Move delivers powerful, clear sound. Thanks to its robust battery life and weather-resistant qualities, this Alexa-compatible speaker can go wherever needed.

This speaker offers a crystal-clear, immersive sound that JBL fans know and love. Its built-in Alexa feature gives you the convenience of voice control, while its waterproof design makes it an ideal choice for any outdoor setting.

Sound Quality and Durability: A Balance

While sound quality is crucial, consider durability when selecting your ideal outdoor wireless speaker with Alexa. All the options we’ve mentioned are designed to endure various weather conditions while delivering top-notch sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect Alexa to an external speaker?

Absolutely. Alexa devices can be connected to external speakers via Bluetooth or a standard 3.5mm audio cable, providing more flexibility in your audio setup.

Can Alexa and Bluetooth speakers work together?

Yes, they can. Once paired, you can control your Bluetooth speaker using Alexa voice commands, offering an effortless audio experience.

Is there a weather-resistant Alexa?

While the Alexa device may not be weather-resistant, many Alexa-enabled speakers, like the ones we discussed, come with weather-resistant or waterproof features, making them a perfect companion for outdoor adventures.


Creating a rich soundscape for your outdoor space has never been more effortless with outdoor wireless speakers that work with Alexa. The combination of superior sound quality, durability, and the convenience of voice control lets you curate the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Remember, Alexa’s capabilities aren’t limited to just music – you can ask for the news, control other smart home devices, and much more, making your outdoor area not just a space but an experience.

For more tips and tricks in the Alexa Archives, visit here. Harness the power of Alexa and make your outdoor space the place to be.

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