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Turning Your Echo into a Narrator: Can Alexa Read Books?

If you’re familiar with Amazon’s Echo devices, you’ve likely interacted with Alexa, the handy voice-controlled assistant. Known for her ability to play music, answer questions, and control smart home devices, Alexa has a surprising additional feature – she can read books! In this informative guide, we’ll explore how you can tap into this exciting feature.


The ability to answer “Can Alexa read books?” with a confident “Yes!” opens a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you’re busy cooking, winding down for the night, or your eyes are too tired to read, Alexa is there to take on the role of storyteller. But how does this work, exactly? Let’s take a closer look.

How Can You Get Alexa to Read a Book?

Getting Alexa to read a book is as easy as giving a voice command. Try saying, “Alexa, read [book name],” if the book is available in your library, she’ll start reading it aloud. Alexa’s text-to-speech technology turns your Echo device into a dedicated narrator, allowing you to enjoy your books hands-free.

Where Does Alexa Source Books From?

Alexa can read books from various sources provided they’re linked to your Amazon account. These include:

To ask Alexa to read a Kindle or Prime Reading book, say, “Alexa, read my book, [title].” For Audible audiobooks, the command is, “Alexa, play my audiobook, [title].”

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Where Can You Find Free Books for Alexa to Read?

You can access free books through the Prime Reading feature as an Amazon Prime member. Alexa can read any of these books for you. Plus, there are always free eBooks available on the Kindle store. Even if they’re not on your physical Kindle device, as long as they’re linked to your account, Alexa can read them.

Audible Books and Alexa: A Perfect Pair

Another great source of books for Alexa is Audible, Amazon’s audiobook platform. With many titles, genres, and professional narrators, Audible brings books to life with more than just Alexa’s voice. To have Alexa read an Audible book, simple command, “Alexa, play [book name] on Audible,” and she’ll start where you left off. You can control the narration with voice commands like pause, resume, or set a sleep timer. And what’s especially nice is Audible tracks where you are in your story across devices. So if you listen on Alexa and your phone, you’ll start at the right spot, like magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa Read Any Book?

Alexa can read most Kindle Store, Amazon Prime Reading, or Audible books. However, some books with complex layouts or images may need to be compatible with Alexa’s text-to-speech function.

Where Can I Find More Audible Books?

You can find more Audible books on the Audible website or the Audible section of the Amazon website. Audible offers a membership plan that includes monthly credits for free books. Even without a subscription, you can purchase books individually.

Are There Free Books on Audible?

Yes, Audible offers a selection of free books, including classics and Audible Originals. The section changes regularly, so it’s worth checking back often.

Can Alexa Read Books in Other Languages?

Alexa can read books in other languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Hindi. However, the availability of books in these languages depends on your Amazon store.

Can Alexa Read PDFs or other documents?

No, Alexa cannot read PDFs or other document types directly. She is primarily designed to read content from Amazon’s libraries. Third-party skills or apps may enable this functionality, but as of my last update, this is not a built-in feature.


In essence, Alexa’s ability to read books provides a new level of convenience and accessibility to book lovers and those with busy schedules. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a good book but can’t spare visual attention, why not ask, “Alexa, can you read my book?” You might discover a new favorite way to enjoy literature. Keep exploring and enjoying the many talents of your Alexa device!

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