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Why the Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote is a Game Changer

Ever experienced the mini-panic of misplacing your Fire TV Stick remote, only to find it’s been spirited away by a playful child? My daughter has played this game once or twice with me. Introducing the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro – a solution to the all-too-common remote hide-and-seek game. 

As an engineer with extensive experience in voice assistant technology, I’ve seen my fair share of smart device innovations, but this remote takes convenience to a new level. 

Not only does it feature a phone finder to outsmart those little remote-hiding experts, but it also boasts an Alexa routine button. Imagine effortlessly starting your ‘Movie Night’ routine with a single button press, transforming your living room into a cinematic haven.

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Key Features of the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Voice Control at Your Fingertips: Gone are the days of navigating through menus with arrow keys. With the Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote, say what you want, and it’s on your screen. Whether finding a specific show or adjusting the volume, voice control makes it effortless.

Never Lose Your Remote Again: Remember the remote-hiding escapades? The built-in Phone Finder is the hero we’ve all been waiting for. Use your voice to locate the remote, and it responds, saving you from turning the house upside down.

Backlit Keys for Easy Viewing: No more fumbling in the dark during your movie nights. The remote’s keys light up when you pick it up, ensuring you always press the right button, even in a dimly lit room.

TV Finder – A Handy Addition: Misplaced your remote? The TV Finder feature is your new best friend. Trigger a sound from the remote using an Alexa-enabled device and follow the sound to its hiding spot.

Seamless TV Controls: This remote isn’t just for your Fire TV Stick. It also controls your TV’s power and volume, offering a unified, hassle-free experience.

Dedicated Bluetooth Headphones Button: Switch to your Bluetooth headphones with ease. A dedicated button quickly connects you to your favorite wireless headphones for those late-night binge sessions.

Alexa Voice Pro Remote Button Info

Customizable Buttons as Smart Buttons (And My Favorite Feature): Personalize your remote with two customizable buttons. Set them to trigger Alexa routines, like dimming the lights for ‘Movie Night,’ adding a touch of smart home magic to your viewing experience.

Echo Smart Buttons

It has one of these smart buttons built in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Alexa Voice Control Enhance My Fire TV Experience?

Imagine changing channels, adjusting volume, or finding your favorite show with a voice command. The Alexa Voice Control on your Fire TV Stick remote brings this convenience to your fingertips, making your TV experience smoother and more intuitive.

What Sets the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro Apart from Other Remotes?

It’s not just a remote; it’s a smart home hub in your hand. With features like a phone finder, backlit keys, and the ability to trigger Alexa routines, the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro stands out by turning everyday TV watching into an effortless, tech-savvy experience.

Can I Use the Alexa Voice Remote Pro to Control Smart Home Devices?

Absolutely! The customizable buttons on the remote can be programmed to trigger Alexa routines. This means you can control smart lights, thermostats or even start your coffee maker while lounging on your sofa.

Is the Alexa Voice Remote Pro Compatible with All Firestick Models?

The Amazon listing for the Alexa Voice Remote Pro provides detailed compatibility information. According to the information available, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro is not compatible with the following devices:

  • Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen)
  • Fire TV Stick (1st Gen)
  • Element Fire TV Edition
  • Insignia HD/Insignia FHD
  • Hisense U6HF 4K ULED Fire TV Series
  • Echo Show 15

If you own any of these devices, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro will not work with them. The remote should be compatible with other Fire TV devices, but it’s always a good idea to check specific model compatibility if you have any doubts.

Summary: Elevate Your Fire TV Experience with the Alexa Voice Remote Pro

In conclusion, the Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote is not just a remote; it’s a game-changer for your home entertainment system. With features like backlit keys, a TV finder, TV controls, a dedicated Bluetooth headphones button, and customizable buttons for Alexa routines, it’s designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re triggering a “Movie Night” routine with a single button press or locating the remote after it’s been playfully hidden by a family member, this remote adds a layer of convenience and fun to your daily routine.

However, remember that the Alexa Voice Remote Pro isn’t compatible with all Firestick models. It won’t work with Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen), Fire TV Stick (1st Gen), Element Fire TV Edition, Insignia HD/Insignia FHD, Hisense U6HF 4K ULED Fire TV Series, or Echo Show 15. So, make sure your device is compatible before making a purchase.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote. Have you tried it out? Or maybe your looking for other accessories, like Fire TV Keyboards? Share your stories and feedback in the comments below. And for more insights and information on the latest TV tech and smart devices, remember to visit our TV Archives at Smart Home Explained.

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