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A Starfleet Guide to Alexa Star Trek Commands

Have you ever wished your home could feel like a starship from the iconic Star Trek universe? What if your voice assistant could become your personal Starfleet officer, following commands just like the onboard computer on the Enterprise? Well, beam up your excitement! You can engage your Echo device in an interstellar conversation with Amazon’s Alexa Star Trek commands.

Getting Started with Alexa Star Trek Commands

Amazon Alexa has an array of Star Trek-related commands and responses that range from fun trivia to iconic show quotes. Unleash the Trekkie within you and turn your home into your starship. Here’s a snapshot of what you can command Alexa to do:

  • Start your day with a Star Trek-themed alarm: “Alexa, set a Star Trek alarm for 7 am.”
  • Fetch fascinating Star Trek trivia: “Alexa, give me a Star Trek fact.”
  • Test your knowledge with a Star Trek Quiz: “Alexa, start Star Trek Quiz.”

Even more Alexa Star Trek Commands

Dive deeper into the world of Starfleet with this exhaustive list of Alexa Star Trek commands. Each command is accompanied by a brief description of what you can expect from your voice assistant.

  1. “Alexa, live long and prosper.” – In response to this iconic Vulcan salutation, Alexa offers a delightful Star Trek-related reply.
  2. “Alexa set phasers to stun.” – Try out this classic Starfleet command to see what Alexa has to say.
  3. “Alexa, warp 10.” – Alexa responds to this command with a fun quote about faster-than-light travel from Star Trek.
  4. “Alexa, red alert!” – Using this command triggers an amusing response from Alexa, reminiscent of the many battle scenes in Star Trek.
  5. “Alexa, what is Star Trek?” – A command for newcomers to the franchise. Alexa will provide a brief overview of Star Trek.
  6. “Alexa, who is Captain Kirk?” – With this command, Alexa will briefly biography James T. Kirk, one of Star Trek’s iconic characters.
  7. “Alexa, tell me a Star Trek joke.” When you need a bit of fun, Alexa can tell you a Star Trek-themed joke.
  8. “Alexa, what is the Kobayashi Maru?” – Test Alexa’s knowledge of Star Trek lore with this question about the famous unwinnable scenario.
  9. “Alexa, when did Star Trek first air?” – Alexa can provide you with the release date of the original Star Trek series.
  10. “Alexa, who wrote Star Trek?” – For trivia lovers, ask Alexa about the creators and writers behind Star Trek.
  11. “Alexa, who is Jean-Luc Picard?” – Curious about the captain of the USS Enterprise-D? This command prompts Alexa to share details about Captain Picard’s character.
  12. “Alexa, who is Spock?” – Invoke this command to learn more about one of Star Trek’s most beloved characters, the Vulcan science officer Spock.

Customizing Alexa’s Voice to Resemble Star Trek

While Alexa can’t precisely mimic the voices of Star Trek characters, you can alter Alexa’s voice speed and tone to resemble a Starfleet computer’s cool, calm cadence. For a more in-depth guide on changing Alexa’s voice, check out our dedicated article: Can You Change Alexa’s Voice to the Star Trek Computer?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Star Trek things can Alexa do?

Beyond the commands and Easter eggs mentioned Alexa can also tell you actor biographies, episode summaries, and release dates. You can even have Alexa control your smart home devices with Star Trek-themed commands.

How do you make Alexa sound like Star Trek?

While you can’t perfectly recreate Star Trek voices, adjusting Alexa’s speech settings can bring you closer to a Star Trek-like cadence. Adding Star Trek language to your commands can enhance the experience.

Can Alexa sound like the Star Trek computer?

While Alexa doesn’t have a specific feature to mimic the Star Trek computer, altering the voice speed and tone can give you a similar effect. Remember to use Star Trek lingo in your commands for the best results.


Your starship (or home) is ready to depart into the uncharted territories of the Star Trek universe, all thanks to Alexa Star Trek commands. Whether you’re a die-hard Trekkie or love engaging with Alexa in novel ways, these commands provide an entertaining way to bring your Star Trek dreams to life. Remember, the final frontier is now just a voice command away. Ready to explore beyond Star Trek commands? Discover the vast potential of your Echo device with our article Exploring Alexa Routine Examples: A Detailed How-To Guide.

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