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Alexa Star Trek Computer Voice: Fact or Fiction?

A fan of the Star Trek franchise? You’ve been intrigued by the idea of Alexa, Amazon’s smart speaker, responding to you in the computerized voice from Star Trek. As charming as that concept might be, the reality of achieving it involves more complexity. This article will explore why it’s not currently possible to have Alexa’s voice replicate the iconic Star Trek computer, what voice customizations are feasible, and how to go about them.

Why Alexa Can’t Sound Like the Star Trek Computer

The mesmerizing voice of the Star Trek computer is a product of voice actor Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Unfortunately, the idea of Alexa replicating this voice isn’t feasible due to legal and technical issues surrounding voice replication technology. For starters, copyright issues protect original voice recordings, considered intellectual property. Moreover, voice replication involves complex machine learning algorithms and substantial amounts of data to create a synthesized voice that mimics a specific person accurately. Such technology is yet to reach the stage where an exact imitation is possible.

The Scope of Alexa’s Voice Customizations

While you may not be able to make Alexa’s voice mimic the Star Trek computer precisely, you can customize Alexa’s voice to your liking in several ways. You can change the wake word, speech speed, accent, and language. You can learn more about wake words here.

How to Customize Alexa’s Voice

The process of customizing Alexa’s voice is straightforward. To change the wake word, you’ll need to navigate to the settings on your Alexa app. To alter the speech speed, you can ask Alexa to “speak slower” or “speak faster.” Switching the accent or language can be done through the device settings in your Alexa app. 

Imagery Idea: Screenshots of the Alexa app settings, where these voice customizations are made, would be helpful here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Star Trek things can Alexa do?

While Alexa may not have the Star Trek computer voice, she can deliver Trek-themed fun. You can ask Alexa to “Beam me up,” “Open the pod bay doors,” or “Set phasers to stun,” among other Star Trek phrases, and enjoy the responses.

How do you make Alexa sound like Star Trek?

Although you can’t make Alexa’s voice sound like the Star Trek computer, you can customize its wake word to “Computer,” creating a bit of that Star Trek feel every time you interact with your Alexa device. Check out these Alexa Star Trek Commands.

Can Alexa sound like the Star Trek computer?

Due to copyright and technological limitations, Alexa cannot sound exactly like the Star Trek computer.


In the grand scheme of technological advancements, the quest for Alexa to perfectly replicate the Star Trek computer voice might seem like a minor aspiration. However, it symbolizes our collective dream of bringing the captivating universe of science fiction into our everyday reality. Until that dream is realized, there’s plenty of room to play around and customize Alexa’s voice. Remember, technology is ever-evolving, and who knows what the future holds?

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