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Alexa Easter Eggs Every Star Trek Fan Should Know

Welcome to the fantastic junction of Alexa and Star Trek, where voice command technology pairs with the enthralling universe of science fiction. We’ve put together some of the top “Alexa easter eggs Star Trek” surprises for fans yearning to interact with their favorite Star Trek world. So, beam up and let Alexa take you across the final frontier.

Alexa’s Star Trek-themed Wake Words

Alexa isn’t just confined to the wake word “Alexa.” Let’s explore how you can make your Alexa interactions more immersive with Star Trek-themed wake words:

  1. Computer: This term is very familiar to Star Trek fans. Alexa can be configured to respond to the wake word “Computer,” similar to the Starfleet ships in the Star Trek series. You can learn more about changing the wake word in your Alexa app here. Your voice assistant will now respond to “Computer,” just like in the Star Trek universe.
  2. Echo: The word “Echo” was also used in the Star Trek universe. The same method can change the wake word to “Echo.”

Engaging Alexa with Star Trek Commands

Set your phasers to fun because Alexa is full of Star Trek easter eggs. Here are some commands to get you started, or you can find a more comprehensive list here:

  1. “Alexa, beam me up.” Alexa will respond with a Star Trek-themed response.
  2. “Alexa, what is the prime directive?” For a refresher on Starfleet’s most sacred rule.
  3. “Alexa set phasers to stun.” Check how Alexa responds to this command.
  4. “Alexa, what is Star Trek?” If you want Alexa to give you a quick summary of the show.
  5. “Alexa, speak Klingon.” Are you up for some Klingon language lessons?

Star Trek’s Alexa Easter Eggs: Did You Know?

In addition to common commands, Alexa carries secret commands, otherwise known as Easter eggs. Here are some you might enjoy:

  1. “Alexa, fire photon torpedoes.” Engage in some Starfleet action with Alexa.
  2. “Alexa, what is the self-destruct code?” This command will have Alexa respond in true Star Trek style.
  3. “Alexa, red alert.” Try this one to see how Alexa reacts during a starship crisis!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Alexa sound like Star Trek?

As of now, Alexa doesn’t have a Star Trek voice option. However, you can simulate a Star Trek-like experience with your voice assistant by utilizing Star Trek-themed wake words and commands.

Can Alexa sound like the Star Trek computer?

While Alexa can’t mimic the voice of the Star Trek computer, setting the wake word to “Computer” can make the interaction feel more Star Trek-esque. You can learn more about changing Alexa’s voice here.

What is the self-destruct code for Alexa?

For safety reasons, there is no actual self-destruct command that would turn off your Alexa device. However, if you ask Alexa for the self-destruct code, she will respond with a humorous Star Trek-themed answer.


Becoming a Starfleet member is now just a command away with your Alexa device. Delve into the Alexa Star Trek universe with themed wake words, commands, and hidden surprises.

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