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Changing Alexa’s Voice to a Celebrity: A Historical Overview

Ask anyone about their relationship with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, and you’ll likely hear an appreciation for the convenience and flexibility it offers. One feature that truly stood out and captured users’ interest was the ability to “change Alexa’s voice to celebrity.” Unfortunately, this unique feature was phased out. But why? And when did it happen? This guide dives deep into the history of Alexa’s celebrity voices and offers a clear perspective on why the support was dropped.

The Allure of Celebrity Voices on Alexa

The concept of adding a twist of personality to our digital assistants is nothing new. It’s been seen in various forms, like using famous voices for GPS navigation. The excitement grew when Amazon announced that users could change Alexa’s voice to mimic popular celebrities.

The charm of hearing weather updates from Samuel L. Jackson, or getting your daily reminders from Scarlett Johansson, made Alexa feel like more than just a voice assistant. It added an element of novelty and personalization to the mix that genuinely resonated with users.

When and Why Was Celebrity Voice Support Dropped?

The celebrity voice feature for Alexa came to light in 2019, marking a new era where users could swap Alexa’s default voice with that of renowned actor Samuel L. Jackson. His voice pack, filled with his signature style, offered both explicit and clean versions, adding an enjoyable flair to the Alexa experience.

Unfortunately, this captivating feature began its sunset phase in 2022. The question that loomed significant was why? Why would Amazon choose to discontinue a seemingly popular feature among users?

First and foremost, creating and maintaining these celebrity voice packs were significantly demanding in terms of resources. Much time and effort went into capturing the celebrity voice, processing it, and ensuring it remained clear and audible over Alexa. Even after the voice pack was rolled out, maintaining its quality, updating it with new phrases, or tweaking it based on user feedback was daunting.

Furthermore, celebrity voice packs must be regularly updated, limiting their functionality. They could answer some queries, tell jokes, set alarms, and provide weather updates, but they didn’t support all features like reading audiobooks or using third-party skills. Over time, as Alexa introduced new features and capabilities, the gap between what the celebrity voices and Alexa’s regular voice could do widened, making the feature feel more like a novelty than a practical tool.

Lastly, there were likely financial aspects involved. Licensing a celebrity’s voice isn’t cheap, and considering the time, effort, and money spent on developing and maintaining each voice pack, it’s plausible that the return on investment was not high enough to justify its continued support.

Though the announcement of the feature’s discontinuation was met with disappointment from a portion of users, Amazon stood by its decision, putting an end to the era of celebrity voices on Alexa, at least for the foreseeable future.

The Legacy of Alexa’s Celebrity Voices

Despite the celebrity voices’ discontinuation, their impact on the Alexa user experience is undeniable. They added a layer of personalization that made interacting with Alexa more engaging and entertaining.

The celebrity voice feature also sparked discussions about the potential for more personalized voice assistants. While we may not see the return of this feature on Alexa, the concept opened up a world of possibilities for customization and personalization of voice assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Celebrity Voices Did Alexa Have?

Before the feature was phased out, Alexa offered the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, with plans to introduce more celebrity voices. However, the support was dropped before other celebrity voices could be added.

Why Did Alexa Get Rid of Celebrity Voices?

Maintaining the quality and relevance of celebrity voice packs was resource-intensive. Plus, their responses could have been more extensive and could become outdated over time. These factors led to the decision to drop the feature.

Can I Still Change Alexa’s Voice?

While you can’t change Alexa’s voice to a celebrity’s, you can change its accent and language. Amazon offers several English language options, each with a different accent.

Will the Celebrity Voice Feature Return in the Future?

As of now, there are no plans from Amazon to reintroduce the celebrity voice feature for Alexa.


The journey of Alexa’s celebrity voices was short but impactful. From the announcement of the feature to its eventual discontinuation, it captured users’ interest and sparked discussions about the future of voice assistants. While we may no longer be able to “change Alexa voice to celebrity,” the legacy of this feature continues to influence the voice assistant industry.

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