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Echo Show 8 Display Settings Explained: A User-Friendly Guide

If you’ve recently purchased an Echo Show 8, you’re probably eager to explore its features. One of the standout elements is the array of Echo Show 8 display settings that allow for extensive customization. From brightness control to engaging home content, you can shape your experience to fit your lifestyle.

Understanding the Echo Show 8 Display Settings

What are the Display Settings?

The Echo Show 8 display settings offer much more than meets the eye. They provide options to control brightness, enable adaptive brightness, use a sunrise effect, initiate auto dim, and set up a photo slideshow. These features offer flexibility and create a more personalized experience.

How to Access the Display Settings

Echo Show’s display settings are on the device itself! You can find them in the top navigation bar. You might notice a small white arrow on the top of the Echo Show display after you touch it, like this:

Accessing the display settings is an intuitive process:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap on the settings icon (a gear-like shape).
  3. Select “Display” to view and adjust a myriad of options.

Personalizing Your Echo Show 8 Display

Changing the Background and Photo Slideshow

Your Echo Show 8 can reflect your style. Set a personal photo or a dynamic slideshow as your background by:

  • Navigating to the display settings
  • Selecting ‘Wallpaper’
  • Choosing an image or series of images for a slideshow

Adjusting Brightness, Adaptive Brightness, Sunrise Effect, and Auto Dim

These options are tailored for comfort:

  • Brightness: Adjust manually or set it to adapt according to your room’s lighting.
  • Sunrise Effect: Gently increases brightness, mimicking a natural sunrise to wake you up.
  • Auto Dim: Lower the brightness during inactive hours to save energy.

Home & Clock Settings and Content Customization

Customizing Home Content

Personalize your home screen with content like Alexa Create AI, Alexa Games, Communications Video Daily Insights, Discovery, Drop In, Explore Local Places, Finance, and more. Tailor what you see to match your interests, making the Echo Show 8 yours. You can also turn off many of these features, ensuring that the screen only displays the content you want.

Clock Settings

Choose different clock faces and personalize other time-related features to blend with your home décor or preferences.

Advanced Features and Accessibility

Do Not Disturb Mode and Accessibility Features

The Echo Show 8 is designed to cater to a broad audience:

  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Mute notifications and schedule quiet hours for uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • Accessibility Features: Tools like Screen Magnifier and VoiceView Screen Reader make the device more user-friendly for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the display on my Echo Show 8?

Follow the steps in the ‘Understanding the Echo Show 8 Display Settings’ section to access and change your display settings.

How do I change my Alexa show settings?

Access the settings on your device, and select ‘Display’ to modify various options for your particular Alexa Show.

Is the Echo Show 8 screen always on?

No, you can adjust the screen timeout feature in the display settings, defining when the screen should turn off.

Can I use my photos for the Echo Show 8 background?

You can upload personal photos and use them as your background or create a slideshow in the display settings under ‘Wallpaper.’

How can I customize the Home Content on Echo Show 8?

Within the Home & Clock settings, you can personalize the home screen with content like Alexa Games, Explore Local Places, Finance, and more to match your interests.


The Echo Show 8 display settings offer a rich and varied experience, allowing customization that reflects your tastes and needs. Dive into brightness adjustments, background personalization, Home & Clock settings, and more. Your Echo Show 8 is more than a smart display; it’s a canvas for creativity and personal expression.

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