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Exploring Google Photos on Echo Show: How to

The Echo Show is a central hub for smart homes, combining functionality with entertainment. A question that often arises is, “Can you use Google Photos on Echo Show?” While the answer is no, there’s much more to photo management and display on these devices. This guide will explore Echo Show’s photo capabilities, how to transfer photos from Google Photos, and alternative methods to view your pictures.

Understanding Echo Show’s Photo Capabilities

Amazon’s Echo Show supports various sources for displaying photos, but Google Photos isn’t one of them. Let’s dive into what you can do:

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a primary method for displaying images on Echo Show. You can create albums, share with family, and ask Alexa to say specific memories by linking your Amazon Photos account. Learn more about displaying photos on Echo Show.


Linking Facebook to your Echo Show is another method to view pictures. Once connected, you can ask Alexa to display photos from Facebook, including specific albums.

Transferring Photos from Google Photos to Supported Sources

You can still enjoy your Google Photos on Echo Show by transferring them to supported platforms:

To Amazon Photos

  1. Download your Google Photos to your computer.
  2. Open Amazon Photos and select ‘Upload.’
  3. Choose the downloaded Google Photos.
  4. Once uploaded, ask Alexa to display them on your Echo Show.

To Facebook

  1. Download the desired photos from Google Photos.
  2. Open Facebook and create a new album.
  3. Upload the downloaded photos to the album.
  4. Link your Facebook account to Echo Show to enjoy the pictures.

Alternatives to Google Photos on Echo Show

If you prefer not to transfer photos from Google Photos, several alternatives allow you to enjoy your memories on Echo Show without the need for Google Photos:

Using Alexa’s Photo Share Feature

Echo Show’s unique Photo Share feature offers a new way to engage with friends and family. By inviting contacts via the Alexa app, they can share photos directly with your device. If desired, You can view these pictures, add comments, and even save them to your Amazon Photos account. The process is secure; you control who can send photos to your device.

Slideshow from Amazon Photos

If you already have photos in Amazon Photos, you can create a slideshow that runs on your Echo Show. Customize it with various themes and transitions, and ask Alexa to play it for you. Learn more about Amazon Photos Slideshow magic for Echo Show.

Connecting Facebook Albums

Facebook integration with Echo Show allows for more than just viewing individual photos. You can create and organize albums on Facebook, then ask Alexa to display them on your Echo Show. It’s a simple way to bring social media memories into your living space.

Utilizing a Family Vault on Amazon Photos

A Family Vault in Amazon Photos is a shared space where family members can contribute photos. It’s a communal album where everyone can enjoy shared memories. Linking this to your Echo Show enables a familial photo-sharing experience right in your living room. Read a deep dive into Amazon Alexa Photos and Echo Show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Google Photos on Echo?

No, you cannot directly use Google Photos. However, you can transfer the photos to supported platforms like Amazon Photos or Facebook.

How do I add Google Photos to Echo Show 15?

You’ll need to download your Google Photos, then upload them to Amazon Photos or Facebook. Once linked, you can enjoy them on Echo Show 15.

Can I create slideshows on my Echo Show?

Yes, you can create slideshows using Amazon Photos. Customize them with themes and transitions and set them to play on your Echo Show.


While Google Photos on Echo Show is not directly possible, numerous alternatives and simple transfer methods ensure you can still enjoy your favorite pictures. This guide has provided insights into Echo Show’s photo capabilities and how to utilize various platforms to enhance your photo viewing experience.

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