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Echo Show Photo Frame Guide: How to Display Favorite Memories

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your living space with an Echo Show photo frame? You’re in luck! With the versatile Echo Show, you can create a digital photo frame that showcases your favorite memories without buying additional gadgets. This guide covers various methods, including using Alexa to turn your Echo Show into a photo frame, integrating it with your daily memories, and more.

Turning Your Echo Show into a Photo Frame

Transforming your Echo Show into a photo frame is an exciting way to showcase your cherished moments. Here’s a step-by-step guide to turning your Echo Show into a photo frame:

1. Selecting Your Photos

First, you’ll want to gather the photos you’d like to display. You can choose from various sources:

  • Amazon Photos: You have unlimited photo storage if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can upload photos from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Facebook Albums: Link your Facebook account to access and display your Facebook albums.
  • Local Photos: Use the Amazon Photos app to upload pictures directly from your device.

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2. Create a Slideshow

Once your photos are ready, you can create a slideshow on your Echo Show:

  • Go to “Settings”> “Display”> “Photo Slideshow.”
  • Select the source of the photos, such as Amazon Photos or Facebook.
  • Choose the album or specific photos you want to include.

Learn more about setting up your own SlideShow.

3. Customize the Slideshow

Make your Echo Show photo frame unique by customizing it:

  • Transitions: Choose between different transition effects between photos.
  • Display Time: Set how long each photo is displayed.
  • Photo Order: Arrange the photos in a specific sequence or shuffle them for variety.

4. Activate the Slideshow

To start enjoying your custom Echo Show photo frame, you can:

  • Say, “Alexa, start my photo slideshow.”
  • Set your Echo Show to display the slideshow automatically when idle.

5. Add Background Music (Optional)

To enhance the experience, you can pair your photos with background music:

  • Say, “Alexa, play [preferred music]” while the slideshow is playing.
  • Link music platforms like Amazon Music or Spotify for more options.

6. Update or Change Slideshow

You can regularly update or change the slideshow by repeating steps 1-4. Adding new photos, changing the transitions, or creating themed slideshows is easy and keeps your Echo Show photo frame fresh.

Following these steps, you can turn your Echo Show into a dynamic, personalized photo frame. Whether it’s memories from vacations, family gatherings, or everyday moments, your Echo Show photo frame is a delightful way to keep them in sight and mind.

More Ways to Turn Echo Show into a Photo Frame

Explore even more avenues to transform your Echo Show:

Using Alexa

Through specific voice commands, Alexa can turn your Echo Show into a personalized photo frame. Some examples include:

  • Specific Albums: “Alexa, show my vacation album.”
  • Particular Dates: “Alexa, show photos from last Christmas.”
  • Personalized Requests: “Alexa, show pictures of my dog.”

These intuitive commands allow you to swiftly access and display your favorite memories on your Echo Show.

Using Daily Memories

The Daily Memories feature is a delightful addition to your Echo Show photo frame that offers a personalized way to reminisce about past experiences. It allows you to revisit special moments captured on the same date in previous years, creating an ongoing visual journey through time.

How It Works

  1. Setup: Enable the Daily Memories feature on your Echo Show device through the settings menu or by asking Alexa to enable it.
  2. Source Selection: Daily Memories typically pull from your Amazon Photos, so make sure your past photos are uploaded there. The system will then automatically show pictures taken on the same day in prior years.
  3. Display Configuration: You can decide how the memories are displayed, whether interspersed with your regular slideshow or as a special highlight at particular times.
  4. Customization: If you want, you can even create specific albums or folders for memories related to particular themes, like anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays.

The Daily Memories feature adds a nostalgic element to your Echo Show photo frame and connects you with your past in a unique and engaging way. It turns your Echo Show into more than just a digital display; it becomes a dynamic memory box, refreshing and reminding you of precious moments day by day. And if you have a Fire TV, your Daily Memories works even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Echo Show be used as a Photo Frame?

Echo Show can function as a digital photo frame with various customizable options.

How do I get my Echo to show a digital photo frame?

Follow the steps outlined in the guide to create a digital photo frame on your Echo Show device.

Can Echo Show do a slideshow?

Absolutely! Echo Show can display a slideshow with customizable transitions, speeds, and themes.


Transforming your Echo Show into a photo frame is an exciting project, now made even more accessible with various methods, including intuitive Alexa commands. From basic setup to using Alexa to create daily memories, there’s a world of possibilities to explore. Enjoy the process, and let your creativity shine through in your personalized Echo Show photo frame.

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