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Fire TV Screensaver 101: From Setup to Prime Photos

Feeling more “at home” with your technology makes all the difference, right? One of the ways to make your tech feel more personal is by customizing your screensaver, mainly if you’re using Amazon’s Fire TV. Fire TV’s screensaver feature allows you to display your favorite images when idle. This guide will walk you through what a Fire TV screensaver is, how to set it up, find the settings, and explore the different options, including Prime Photos.

What is a Fire TV Screensaver?

Like the screensavers you might recall from early personal computers, a Fire TV screensaver kicks in when your device isn’t used for a set period. Instead of a blank screen, Fire TV users can enjoy a range of stunning and customizable images that keep the display lively and engaging. And the good news? Setting up your screensaver is as easy as a few taps on your remote.

How to Set Up Your Fire TV Screensaver

The process of setting up your screensaver on Fire TV is straightforward. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. From the home screen, navigate to the top menu and select Settings.
  2. Scroll and click on Display & Sounds.
  3. Choose Screensaver.
  4. From here, you can change your screensaver settings according to your preferences.

Exploring Different Screensaver Options

Fire TV gives you control over several aspects of your screensaver. Not only can you adjust the operational aspects, such as the slideshow speed and start time, but you can also select the displayed content. The Fire TV screensaver supports various image types, adding a touch of versatility to your viewing experience.

  1. Pre-set Albums: Fire TV has several pre-set albums with high-quality images. These albums cover various themes such as nature, space, cityscapes, and more, giving you multiple choices to suit your mood or aesthetics. Want a sneak peek? Check out this collection of all the screensavers on Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Prime Photos: If you’re a Prime member, Fire TV allows you to use your Prime Photos albums as your screensaver, offering a level of personalization that’s hard to beat.
  3. Third-Party Apps: Some third-party apps on the Amazon App Store can also provide screensaver services. Examples include Aerial Dream for stunning aerial views, Aquarium Screensaver for tranquil underwater scenes, and Photo Gallery and Screensaver for showcasing personal photo collections or images from popular photo-sharing sites.

Here are the other settings you can adjust:

  • Album: Choose the collection of photos to be displayed.
  • Slideshow Speed: Control how quickly images transition from one to the next.
  • Start Time: Set how long your Fire TV waits when idle before the screensaver starts.

In addition, you can choose whether to display the clock and select from multiple themes to match your mood or décor.

Customizing Your Screensaver with Prime Photos

Fire TV screensaver offers more personalization by integrating with Prime Photos, allowing you to display your photos. If you’re a Prime member, you can upload your pictures to Prime Photos, and they’ll be available as your screensaver. You can showcase your latest vacation, family moments, or your favorite photography, making your TV truly a reflection of you. Check out this deep dive into Amazon Alexa photos and Echo Show for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Set a Screensaver on Fire TV?

Yes, setting up a screensaver on Fire TV is possible and straightforward. You can choose from the pre-existing options or use Prime Photos to personalize it with your images.

How Long Does Fire TV Screensaver Stay On?

The Fire TV screensaver remains on until you interact with your device, such as by pressing a button on your remote. However, the start time or the period of inactivity after which the screensaver comes on can be customized in the screensaver settings.

How Many Pictures Are on the Firestick Screensaver?

The number of pictures on the Firestick screensaver depends on the chosen album. If you’re using Prime Photos, it can display as many images as you’ve uploaded to your account.


Fire TV screensaver is a nifty feature that not only adds a splash of character to your device when idle but also brings warmth and personality to your living space. Whether you display stunning pre-set images, opt for a journey down memory lane with Prime Photos, or utilize unique third-party apps, personalizing your Fire TV screensaver is a breeze.

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