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Alexa: Your Free Calm White Noise Generator

If you’re looking to create a soothing environment in your home or office, the concept of calm white noise might be just what you need. Not only can this background sound mask disruptive noise, but it also promotes relaxation and focus. But did you know your Alexa device is a handy tool for generating white noise? Here’s how to transform Alexa into a free sound machine for calming white noise.

Understanding White Noise

Calm white noise is a particular noise that contains different kinds of sound with equal intensities. Nothing too quiet or too loud. This uniform, non-distinctive sound masks other noises in the environment, helping you to sleep better or concentrate more effectively. There are numerous types of white noise, from gentle rainfall to a serene breeze. You can check out this guide for an in-depth exploration of different white noise sounds.

How to Use Alexa for Calm White Noise

Give her the correct command to use Alexa as your white noise generator. You can say, “Alexa, play white noise,” or you can request specific types of white noise like, “Alexa, play rain sounds,” or, “Alexa, play fan noise.” She’ll continue to play your chosen white noise until you tell her to stop. For detailed instructions on how to command Alexa to play white noise, refer to this guide.

Setting Up Alexa and Echo Devices for White Noise

Whether you’re brand new to the Alexa world or expanding your collection of Echo devices, getting started is a simple process. Here’s how to set up your Alexa app and Echo device like the Echo Dot to enjoy the benefits of calm white noise, not that you need one! You can use the Alexa app by itself for white noise too. For a deeper look into what an Echo Dot can do without a subscription, visit this page.

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Customizing Your White Noise Experience

Alexa offers an array of options for customizing your white noise experience. You can set a sleep timer so Alexa stops playing the noise after a specific time. For instance, you can say, “Alexa, stop playing in 30 minutes.” Alexa also has several white noise “skills” you can enable, such as “Sleep Sounds: White Noise” or “Ambient Sounds: Fan Sounds.” You can browse and enable these skills via the Alexa app on your smartphone. Learn more about Sleep Timers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Turn On the Sound Machine on My Phone?

While this guide primarily focuses on Alexa, turning on a sound machine on your phone is also straightforward. Most smartphones have a variety of apps available that can generate white noise. Download your preferred app from the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android), open it, and choose your preferred type of noise. This article provides an excellent resource for using your iPhone as a sound machine with Alexa.

How Do I Turn On the Fan Noise on My iPhone?

You can play fan noise on an iPhone using the Alexa App. After downloading and opening the app, you can browse the available sounds. Find and select the fan noise option to start playing it.

What are the Other Types of White Noise Alexa Can Play?

Apart from standard white noise, rain sounds, and fan noise, Alexa can play a wide array of other ambient sounds. This includes ocean waves, thunderstorms, cityscape, and campfire sounds. Experiment with different sounds to find what works best for you.


Your Alexa device isn’t just for playing music or answering trivia. With the right commands and settings, it can double as a powerful white noise generator, helping to create a calming and focused atmosphere. Whether for sleep, relaxation, or concentration, Alexa’s white noise capabilities are a handy feature you’ll appreciate.

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