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Using Your iPhone as a Sound Machine with Alexa

Want to transform your iPhone into a soothing sound machine? With a few simple steps and the help of Amazon’s Alexa app, you can create a tranquil ambiance anywhere, anytime. This comprehensive guide will walk you through using your Alexa app as a free sound machine on your iPhone. Whether you need ambient sounds to help you study, relax, or fall asleep, this article has got you covered.

How to Download and Set Up the Alexa App on Your iPhone

Step 1: Download the Alexa App

Before you start, you’ll need to download the Alexa app from the Apple App Store. Open the App Store, type ‘Alexa’ into the search bar, and tap ‘Get’ next to the Alexa app to install it. If you’re new to Alexa, check out this handy guide to navigating the app.

Step 2: Sign in or Create an Amazon Account

Once installed, open the app. If you already have an Amazon account, sign in. If not, create an account—it’s free and quick!

Step 3: Grant Necessary Permissions

The app will request specific permissions to work optimally. These permissions may include access to your microphone, location, and notifications.

Using the Alexa App as a Sound Machine

Step 1: Speak or Type your Sound Choice

Now you’re all set to use the Alexa app as your sound machine on your iPhone. Tap the blue Alexa button at the bottom center of the screen and either speak or type your request. For example, you can say or type, “Play rain sounds” or “Play white noise.” Learn more about navigating Alexa’s rain and white noise sounds.

Step 2: Adjust the Volume

Using the on-screen volume control, you can adjust the volume directly in the Alexa app. Slide the control to the left to lower the volume and to the right to increase it.

Customizing Your Sound Experience with Alexa Routines

You can enhance your sound machine experience by creating routines. A routine is a set of actions that Alexa will perform based on specific triggers. For example, you can set a routine to play your favorite ambient sounds every night at bedtime.

To set up a routine:

  1. Navigate to the ‘More’ tab in the bottom right corner of the Alexa app.
  2. Select ‘Routines,’ then tap ‘+.’
  3. Follow the prompts to set your desired actions and triggers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on the sound machine on my iPhone?

Open the Alexa app and tap the blue Alexa button at the bottom of your screen. Then, voice your command, such as “Play white noise,” or type it in. If you need more detailed instructions, check out this step-by-step guide on how to play white noise on Alexa.

How do I turn on the fan noise on my iPhone?

To use the Alexa app as a fan noise generator on your iPhone, press the blue Alexa button and say, “Play fan sounds,” or type it into the command bar.

Can I use the Alexa app sound machine while using other apps?

Yes. You can run the Alexa app in the background while using other apps on your iPhone. Ensure you’ve enabled background app refresh for the Alexa app in your iPhone settings.


The Alexa app transforms your iPhone into a versatile, customizable sound machine, providing soothing sounds to help you relax, study, or fall asleep. Download the app, sign in, or create an account, and start exploring a world of ambient soundscapes at your fingertips.

For more Alexa tips and tricks, head over to the Alexa Archives. Dive deeper into how to optimize your Alexa experience and turn your iPhone into the ultimate sound machine.

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