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How to Remove Contacts from Alexa

Tidying up your contact list every so often is a good practice to have. Removing a contact from Alexa is quick and easy. Below you’ll learn step-by-step how to do just that. But first let’s cover why it’s important to remove contacts from Alexa in the first place.

Why remove a contact from Alexa?

Depending on how you have your Alexa app setup, you may see a huge list of contacts, some of which could be similar in name. Too many contacts is annoying because Alexa will suggest contacts to you when making a call.

For instance, if you have lots of similar-named contacts, like “John,” Alexa might suggest the wrong one to you when making the call. So instead of calling John A, Alexa For example might think you actually meant John B. And you only find this out when John B answers. Think of it like a butt call, but with Alexa instead of your phone.


Better to avoid this situation altogether by removing unnecessary contacts from Alexa and keeping your list up-to-date..

How to remove contacts from Alexa

Fortunately, removing a contact from Alexa is pretty straightforward. To get started, grab the phone that has the Alexa app on it.

Step 1. Open the Alexa App.

One cool tip for iPhone users. You can open the Alexa app using a Siri App Command:

“Hey Siri, open Alexa”

If you’re not on iPhone or you have Siri disabled, head over to the App Library and search for “Alexa.”

With the Alexa App open, click on the Communication tab at the bottom.

On the Communication tab, you can find your Alexa Contacts in the top right corner.

Communication Screenshot

After clicking on contacts, you’ll see a list of Alexa devices in your account and the Alexa contacts that you have.

Alexa Contacts

Next, click on the contact you want to remove.

Alexa Contact Details
Contact Details

Click Edit, and then click Delete Contact at the bottom.

Alexa Remove Contact Details
Delete Contact

Done! That’s how you remove a contact from Alexa.

More info

As you tidy up your Alexa Contacts, you might come across some quirks, like for instance not all Alexa Contacts can be deleted. This is true for each voice profile setup in Alexa–it can’t be deleted.

Another interesting thing to take notice of is Alexa devices. Remember the contact screen above? It also shows a list of devices in the contact list. By clicking on one of these devices, you have a few different features you can use:

Call: Instead of calling an Alexa Contact, you can call an Alexa device directly instead, such as an Echo Dot. This is especially handy if you don’t know where someone is within the home; just call the room!

Drop In: Use this feature to send a message to a particular Echo device. Unlike the Call feature, Drop In doesn’t wait for someone to pick up or answer Echo. Instead you can start talking immediately.

Learn more about Alexa Calling

And there you have it: that’s how you remove contacts from Alexa. Looking to learn more about Alexa and Echo? Search the Alexa archive, like with the difference between Echo and Alexa

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