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How to Rename Echo Dot

Many of the benefits of Alexa come when you have multiple Echos in your home. But once you have a few in various rooms in your home, it can be tricky to remember the names. The problem gets worse if you move homes, or move Echos around as you find the right spot. Then finally when you find the right spot, the name isn’t right anymore. Luckily that’s an easy problem to solve. Renaming, or changing the name of an Echo is quick and painless. Here’s how to rename an Echo Dot or any other Echo device you would like to rename.

Before we dive in, here’s one thing to watch out for. Changing the name of your Echo is not the same as changing the name of Alexa! For more info, learn about the difference between Echo and Alexa.

Rename Echo Via the Alexa App

Follow these steps to rename an Echo using the Alexa App on your phone.

  1. Open up the Alexa App
Alexa App
  1. Tap on Devices in the bottom right to see your smart devices, including Echos.
Alexa App - Devices
  1. Next, Tap on Echo & Alexa. You will then see just the Echo devices instead of all of your smart devices.
Alexa App - Echo devices
  1. Next, tap on the Echo device you want to rename to bring it the device details.
Alexa App - Device Info
  1. Almost there! Now tap the Gear icon in the top right to edit the device details.
Alexa App, Device settings
  1. And finally, tap Edit Name in the top, under the device name

Now you can add a new name for your Echo. If you make a mistake in the name, just tap the back icon in the top right to undo any name change you have in progress. Then retype the name you want.

And that’s it! You have renamed your Echo Dot now. Alexa will now use the new name you have given.

What is a good name for Echo?

When you add a new Echo device to your account, you’ll generally see the name of the device as  the Echo device, like Echo Show or Echo Dot. This works fine to start with. But once you get a few more Echos, and you want to use any of the more advanced features of Alexa, it might get harder to target specific Echos in your home.

What makes a good name for an Echo?

Simple and memorable is the best choice. In general, I try to follow this pattern with my smart speakers and other smart devices.

[Room Name] Echo

This pattern works great because you don’t have to worry about the type of Echo you are referring to. It’s not Echo Show or Echo Dot. It’s just Echo. And at the same time, you generally only have one Echo in a room with you, which makes the names unique and easy to use for Alexa Calling <link> or other smart home features, like turning on the lights.

Looking to learn about other popular patterns used to name Echos? Find out the top 5 or check out the Alexa archives to get more out of your Echo Dot.

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