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How to Turn on Alexa Light Ring: Your Easy Guide

If you’ve ever found yourself in a dark room wishing for a bit of light from your Amazon Alexa device, this guide is for you! We will answer the popular question on everyone’s mind: “How to turn on Alexa light ring?” By following the simple steps in this article, you’ll quickly have your Alexa glowing brightly, ready to enhance your experience. So, let’s light up your Alexa experience.

What is Alexa’s Light Ring?

Alexa-enabled smart speakers come with a feature that often goes unnoticed – a light ring. This glowing circle serves more than just aesthetic purposes; it can give you important notifications and status updates about your device. Understanding and turning these colors on is crucial for optimizing your Alexa experience, like yellow.

Significance of Alexa’s Light Ring Colors

Alexa’s light ring uses various colors to communicate different statuses. A blue light means Alexa is processing your request, while a spinning orange light indicates your device is connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Green indicates a call or a message, and red signifies that the microphone is off. Knowing these signals can enhance your understanding and use of the device. Learn more from Amazon.

How to Turn on Alexa’s Light Ring

The Alexa light ring doesn’t have a static switch to turn it on or off; it lights up to indicate Alexa’s status or activity. However, there is a way to turn it on by using an Alexa Skill.

Alexa Night Light

Alexa has a skill called Night Light. And with it, you can turn on the blue light ring whenever you want. Learn more about the Night Light Skill.

Echo Glow – A Better Option

Echo Glow

The Night Light Skill does let you turn on the Alexa Light Ring. But there is a better device for ambient light. 

Echo Glow is a delightful addition to Amazon’s Echo family. This smart lamp is designed to pair with your Alexa device, offering multi-colored lights you can control with your voice. It’s an excellent tool for creating different moods in your space or acting as a nightlight for the kids.

Smart Lights

Getting a smart light or two might want you to want. With a Smart Light, you can set up a routine that turns a light on and off whenever you want, in addition to color and brightness. Total control! 

For example, you can create a routine that detects motion and turns on a light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn off Alexa’s light ring? 

Yes! Learn more about the Night Light Skill.

Can I customize the colors of Alexa’s light ring?

Not currently. Using the Night Light skill, only blue light is possible. If you’re looking for more options, check out Alexa Glow.

Does the Echo Dot light stay on?

Not forever. Alexa’s light ring will stay on for about five minutes using the skill.


So, there you have it – your comprehensive guide on how to turn on the Alexa light ring. While you can’t directly turn it on or off, knowing how to activate it and understand its colors can significantly enhance your Alexa experience. Happy glowing with Alexa!

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