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Nanoleaf Smart Light Panels
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Light Up Your Life: The Guide to Smart Light Panels

Smart Home devices continue to get more exciting and futuristic. One trend that is growing is the use of smart light panels. These cutting-edge, customizable lighting fixtures combine the best aesthetic appeal and innovative technology, providing unique illumination solutions that genuinely personify the idea of ‘smart’ lighting. Let’s delve into the mesmerizing world of smart light panels, explaining what they are, how they work, and where you can get some.

What Are Smart Light Panels?

The Genesis of Light Technology

Nanoleaf Smart Light Panels

In the realm of lighting, smart light panels are revolutionary. Unlike conventional light bulbs or fixtures, smart light panels consist of modular, usually hexagonal or triangular panels that can be connected to form a myriad of designs. These panels use LED technology to emit vibrant, adjustable, and rhythmic light to match any mood or setting.

The ‘Smart’ in Smart Light Panels

Smart light panels are just like other smart devices like Smart Plugs. They can be controlled remotely via your smartphone or voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. You can alter the color, intensity, and light pattern with a simple voice command or a swipe on your phone.

A Unique Aesthetic Experience

Smart light panels can transform a plain room into a vibrant and dynamic space. From bright, energizing colors to help you start the day to a calm, soothing glow for relaxation, you can customize these lights to fit your mood, event, or even the time of day.

Smart light Panels also come in different shapes, like triangles, squares, or Hexagons. Some brands let you mix and match various forms to create a larger panel, while others allow only a specific shape.

How to Use Smart Light Panels?


Installing smart light panels is incredibly easy. Most kits come with adhesives that allow you to stick the panels directly onto your wall. You can arrange these panels in any shape or pattern, forming a truly personalized light fixture. And moving them after is not a problem either. Generally, the adhesive can be applied a few times, letting you try a few ideas out.

Controlling with Apps

Most smart light panel manufacturers provide a dedicated app for controlling the panels. You can choose from a spectrum of colors, apply dynamic scenes, and even synchronize the light patterns to your music.

Voice Control

Pairing your smart light panels with a voice assistant takes your smart light experience to the next level. For example, with Alexa, you can say, “Alexa, set my light panels to sunset mode,” or with Google Assistant, you can command, “Hey Google, turn my light panels to blue.” All these colors work with Alexa.

When can I get Smart Light Panels?

Amazon is a great place to start. You’ll find many different options there, including the most popular brands. You can also try Home Improvement stores, like Home Depot and Lowes, locally.

Smart Light Panel Options


Nanoleaf was one of the first to develop a Smart Light Panel. The fun thing with these panels is you can arrange them in whatever pattern you would like and quickly put them on a wall. And their app lets you configure attractive light schemes, where other users have created many options.

I have a pack of these on my wall now.

*I’ll get a small percentage back by clicking the links throughout this page to purchase from Amazon. Thanks for your support!


Cololight is a newer addition to the field of smart light panels. They have a slightly different aesthetic and are thicker than Nanoleaf panels. Price-wise, they are typically cheaper than Nanoleaf. Check these out.


Another popular option is Govee, which has smart light panels in a hexagon format. These are similar in price to Nanoleaf but with more of a border on each light panel itself. See them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smart Light Panels Energy Efficient?

Yes, smart light panels use LED technology, which is highly energy-efficient. They consume much less electricity than traditional lighting fixtures.

Can I Install Smart Light Panels Myself?

Absolutely! Smart light panels are designed with DIY installation in mind. You can set up and customize your panels without needing professional help.

Are Smart Light Panels Compatible with All Voice Assistants?

Most smart light panels support popular voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. However, it’s always best to check compatibility before purchasing.


Smart light panels perfectly blend creativity, technology, and functionality. They illuminate spaces and allow us to express our personal aesthetic preferences and moods in the most imaginative way. With intuitive controls, energy efficiency, and compatibility with voice assistants, smart light panels are more than a lighting solution – they’re an experience.

Stick around to learn more about Smart Devices.

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