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Siri Movies and TV Shows Commands
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Siri Movies and TV Commands

Did you know you can use Siri for finding movies and TV shows to watch? In fact, Siri knows a lot about movies and television, especially on Apple TV, but also on iPhone. With Siri, you can easily search for content to watch, learn more behind-the-scenes details while watching, and manage your content overall.Beyond the Apple ecosystem, you can also find local theatres near you and movie start times.

See the most common questions answered in the FAQ section, or view the complete list of Siri Movies and TV Commands under Keeping Up With Siri in the table of contents below.


Does Siri know what movies are on netflix?

Yes. Here’s an example from the Search for Content section: “Hey Siri, get new comedies on Netflix.”

Does Siri know what movies are playing?

Yes. Siri can also buy theater tickets for you. Check out the commands in the Find Movie Theater Info section.

Can Siri identify movies?

Siri can identify the movie if it’s playing on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Check the Get More Info section,link. for these commands.

With the above in mind, Siri can’t identify a movie playing somewhere else, like Siri can with music. There isn’t a Shazaam for movies—yet.

Can Siri control Apple TV?

In some ways yes. 

Siri can control the Apple TV volume. Check out more command over on Siri HomeKit Commands.

 Siri can also play content on your TV. Check out those commands below.

Can Siri control my TV?

Yes, but Siri’s control isn’t deep. Control is limited to turning your TV on and off. Check out the commands on Siri HomeKit Commands.

Keeping Up With Siri

Getting the most out of your iPhone requires learning what commands are possible with Siri. But discovering the list of available Siri commands is tough to do, especially across different categories. That’s where Keeping Up With Siri comes in. In this series, I outline Apple’s Siri Guide of over 300 commands and capabilities Apple’s Voice Assistant can do. This post specifically covers how to use Siri for finding movies & TV series to watch, ultimately leveling up your entertainment experience with Apple devices. 

Search for Content

Use Siri to search for movies and TV shows and so much more. For instance, Siri knows movie titles, different episodes of shows, genres, quality (like 4K) and streaming services, such as Netflix. And like most Siri Movie & TV commands, these are best used with Siri on an Apple TV, but they do work on all Apple devices like an iPhone.

“Hey Siri, watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones”

“Hey Siri, find movies about baseball”

“Hey Siri, play Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

“Hey Siri, find political thrillers”

“Hey Siri, get new comedies on Netflix”

“Hey Siri, show me movies for 10 year-olds”

“Hey Siri, find free movies”

“Hey Siri, look for kids shows in iTunes”

“Hey Siri, find movies in 4K and HDR”

“Hey Siri, show me action movies in Dolby Vision”

“Hey Siri, what’s new in Dolby Atmos?”

“Hey Siri, get The Lego Batman Movie on iTunes”

“Hey Siri, search for Moonlight on iTunes”

“Hey Siri, download the movie Arrival”

“Hey Siri, buy the first season of Homeland”

Get More Info

You can use Siri to get more information about the content you’re currently watching. Siri knows about the cast, ratings, reviews, and awards.

“Hey Siri, who’s in this?”

“Hey Siri, who directed this?”

“Hey Siri, who starred in Deepwater Horizon?”

“Hey Siri, who directed The Girl on the Train”?

“Hey Siri, what is Trolls rated?”

“Hey Siri, who was nominated for Best Actress for the SAG awards?”

“Hey Siri, which movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1966?”

“Hey Siri, how were the reviews for Jackie?”

“Hey Siri, show cast info”

Manage Up Next

Up Next feature on Apple TV
Up Next feature on Apple TV

Up Next feature on Apple TV

On Apple TV, “Up Next” is where you’ll find content that Apple believes you’ll want to watch. Generally, it contains the next episode of a TV series you’re watching or movies you might like. On Apple TV, you’ll find this list in the “Watch Now” App.

You can also edit this list using Siri. Siri knows what’s in the list and can add and remove content from what’s listed in Up Next.

“Hey Siri, what’s on my Up Next?”

“Hey Siri, add Westworld to Up Next”

“Hey Siri, remove Homeland from Up Next”

Find Movie Theater Info

This functionality is more useful on your iPhone. Siri knows about local theatres in your area and can help you find a movie to go see. What’s more, Siri even knows about movie start times.

“Hey Siri, I want to see the new Pixar movie”

“Hey Siri, what’s playing at the movies tomorrow?”

“Hey Siri, what’s playing at Main Street Movies?”

“Hey Siri, what comedies are playing?”

“Hey Siri, find some movie theaters near my office”

Get Movie Tickets (U.S. Only)

A little known feature, you can also use Siri to order movie tickets before you arrive.

“Hey Siri, three tickets to see Arrival”

“Hey Siri, buy four tickets to see Trolls tonight in San Jose”

“Hey Siri, two tickets to The Secret Life of Pets at City Theater at 9pm”

So now we know Siri can help you find something to watch, whether that’s a movie, TV series, or the latest movie playing in local theaters near you.  But if you’re still grappling with more interesting things to ask of Siri, follow along to the series Keeping Up With Siri Commands

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