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Keeping Up With Siri Commands
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Comprehensive Siri Command List: Mastering Apple Voice Control

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of Siri commands, meticulously pulled and reviewed from Apple’s own resources. This guide is more than a mere Siri command list; it’s a deep dive into the capabilities of Siri, crafted for both new and seasoned users of Apple’s voice assistant. As an engineer with firsthand experience developing voice-activated technology, I’ve curated this guide to be your go-to resource for navigating Siri’s extensive command set.

This guide primarily focuses on Siri commands for the iPhone, the cornerstone of our interactions with this adept assistant. But the versatility continues. Many of these commands are also compatible with your Apple TV, HomePod, Apple Watch, and Mac. Whether setting up a meeting on your iPhone or asking your HomePod to play some ambient music, these commands are designed to enhance your experience across the Apple ecosystem.

Let’s dive into the world of Siri, where your voice commands more than just attention – it commands a suite of devices designed to make your life easier and more connected.

Table of Contents

The Siri Guide

As it turns out, there is one reliable source that is often forgotten and buried within your iPhone… The Siri Guide.

The Siri Guide (removed in iOS 15) was made by Apple and is a list of menus built into the Siri UI that categorize and offer the complete list of commands that Siri answers to. By digging through this guide, you’ll learn all sorts of commands you can give Siri—capturing the new, newly-updated, and baseline list of what’s made possible with Apple’s Voice Assistant.  These days this is what Apple has for a “Guide.”

Siri Guide

But using this guide isn’t for the faint of heart. With over 300 individual commands sprawled out in 28 different categories, it’s a lot to take in. What’s more, Apple doesn’t provide explanations of the commands or offer tips for how to get the most out of each category. 

Siri Command Categories

PhoneFaceTimeAppsMessagesApple PayCalendar
TranslationSportsPhotosCameraMapsMovies and TV Shows
ContactsFind MyNotesSettingsWeb SearchQ&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Siri Commands Be Customized for Individual Preferences?

Absolutely! Siri allows you to create custom commands through the Shortcuts app. This means you can tailor commands based on your daily activities and preferences, making Siri even more personal and efficient.

How Do Siri Commands Differ Across Devices?

Siri commands are optimized for the specific functionalities of each device. For instance, on the iPhone, Siri is great for sending messages or setting reminders, while on the HomePod, it excels in music playback and smart home control. The core commands remain similar, but their applications vary.

Are There Any Limitations to Siri Commands on Non-iPhone Devices?

Yes, there are some limitations. For example, Siri on the HomePod focuses more on music and smart home commands and less on tasks like messaging or email, which are more suited to the iPhone or Mac.

Can Siri Understand Commands in Different Languages or Accents?

Siri is designed to understand a variety of languages and accents. However, its proficiency can vary depending on the language and dialect. It’s constantly improving, though, so expect continual enhancements in language recognition.

How Can I Improve Siri’s Accuracy in Understanding My Commands?

Consistent usage and clear enunciation help Siri learn and adapt to your voice. Also, correcting Siri when it misunderstands helps it to learn from its mistakes, improving future interactions.

Is It Possible to Use Siri for Complex Tasks Like Planning a Day or Organizing Emails?

Yes, with the introduction of Siri Shortcuts and integration with various apps, Siri can handle complex tasks like planning your day or organizing emails. You can set up multi-step actions that Siri will execute with a single command.


This guide delved into the extensive Siri command list, highlighting its capabilities across various Apple devices. From everyday tasks on your iPhone to specialized HomePod and Apple TV controls, Siri’s versatility is a significant asset in voice-activated assistance.

Your interaction and familiarity with Siri can significantly enhance your experience with Apple devices. The adaptability of Siri commands to different contexts and devices underscores the assistant’s role in simplifying and enriching our digital interactions.

I Want to Hear from You

Have questions or insights about using Siri? Share your experiences in the comments. Your input helps enrich our community’s understanding and use of Siri. For further information on Siri and voice assistants, visit our Siri Archives. Your engagement is key to exploring and maximizing the potential of Siri commands.

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  1. When asking Siri to command answer to play my e-mails she says She can’t help me with that or can I do

  2. So recently when I ask Siri to call one of my contacts, rather than stating the name she asks” You want me to call?? & then lists the phone number rather than the contact name. This is extremely frustrating because I do not have all my contacts’ phone numbers memorized. What has happened to Siri? I have the most recent update of 15.3.1.

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