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Siri Email Commands
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Siri Email Commands

In this post, I outline how to use Siri with email. By using Siri with the Mail App, you can easily read, send, and reply to emails. And if you’re needing a quick glance at what’s in your inbox, Siri can help with that too. Better still, Siri is readily equip at responding to your emails with quick and short replies to better help you reach inbox zero. So if you’re needing more help with your email, look no further than these Siri commands.

See the most common questions answered in the FAQ section, or view the complete list of Siri Email commands under Keeping Up With Siri in the table of contents below.


Can I use Siri with Gmail?

Yes, but it requires a bit of work. To use Gmail with Siri, you’ll need to use Apple’s Mail App for email instead of the Gmail App. Also, you need to add your Gmail account as an email provider on your iPhone or iPad.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Tap on Passwords & Accounts.
  3. Tap on “Add Account,” then select your email provider.
  4. Enter your email address and password.
  5. Tap “Next” and wait for Mail to verify your account. 
  6. Tap “Save.”

Above steps are sourced from Apple Support.

Can Siri read email content?

Sadly, no. Siri only reads email subject lines currently. To see an email’s body content, you’ll have to go to the Email App directly.

Can Siri send email?

Yes. Check out the Sending Email Commands below.

Can Siri read outlook email?

Yes, but you’ll have to add your outlook email account to the Apple Mail App.

Keeping Up With Siri

Welcome to the series Keeping Up With Siri. Over the course of 28 posts, I outline Apple’s complete Siri Guide of 366 commands, as well as answer commonly asked questions for each category. This post specifically focuses on using Siri with Email. After you add your account, like Gmail, to the Email App, you can use these Siri Email Commands to send, check, and respond to emails—saving you time and effort.

Sending Email

You can use Siri to create and write emails to your contacts.

“Hey Siri, email Emily about the trip”

“Hey Siri, email Lindsey about the change in plans”

“Hey Siri, new email to Susan Conway”

“Hey Siri, mail Dad about the rent check”

“Hey Siri, email Dr. Patrick and say I got the forms, thanks”

“Hey Siri, mail Emily and Brian about the party and say I had a great time”

Checking Email

Siri can check your email and tell you about updates. Siri can search specific email by contact or subject or simply check for a new email.

“Hey Siri, check email”

“Hey Siri, any new email from Jimmy today?”

“Hey Siri, show new mail about the lease”

“Hey Siri, show the email from Emily yesterday”

Responding to Email

Replying to emails is possible to do with Siri when you’re looking at an email in the Email App. Once Siri knows about a contact you’re emailing, you can also use that context for other commands, like with Phone, FaceTime, and Messages.

“Hey Siri, reply dear Susan sorry about the late payment”

“Hey Siri, call him at work”

“Hey Siri, FaceTime him at work”

If you’re interested in learning more of what Siri can do, follow along to the series Keeping Up With Siri Commands

3 thoughts on “Siri Email Commands”

  1. Siri no longer reads the contents of an email back to me before I OK sending it. Is there any way to get Siri to read back the email I have dictated before I OK sending it?

  2. In September 2021 Siri stopped working with email entirely, for about 3 weeks. Then it was “turned back on” again and by iOS 15 it was working. However, when dictating an email, Siri no longer repeats the contents of the message back. It just asks “are you ready to send it?” I would like to hear it played back first to see if it is right. Does anyone know how to enable it? And please, no guesses!

  3. same issue for me as well (siri won’t read the outgoing email message content anymore). however when I was connected to my car via bluetooth, siri read the message back to me. I am confused!

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