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Siri Find My Commands
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Siri Find My Commands

In this post, I outline how to use Siri with the Find My App. Good news for anyone who has lost their device within cabs, restaurants, home, or elsewhere, as Siri can easily help find your Apple devices, including AirPods. You can also use Siri to find your family and friends, as long as they have agreed to share their location with you. This is particularly handy for parents who need a quick check if their kids are home.

See the most common questions answered in the FAQ section, or view the complete list of Siri Find My commands under Keeping Up With Siri in the table of contents below.


Can Siri find my iPhone?

Yes. See the first command listed below. Siri can also locate other Apple devices, including an iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and even AirPods.

Can Siri find my car?

Yes. Siri keeps track of where you parked your car. Simply say: “Hey Siri, where’s my car?” Siri will then open up the Maps App with directions to where you parked your car.

Can Siri show me my Find My list?

You can use Siri to open the App using App Commands. Try the command, “Hey Siri, open Find My.”

Keeping Up With Siri

Within Keeping Up With Siri, I provide a layout of Apple’s Siri Guide of over 350 commands and capabilities within 28 posts. As you may already know, finding out what all you can say or ask Siri is tough, as extensive lists are hard to come by. That’s where this series comes in. I breakdown each category of commands and answer common questions to remove all the hassle. And if you’ve ever lost one earpiece for your AirPods or even misplaced your iPhone at a nearby restaurant, then this post is for you. Keep scrolling to read how to use Siri to find devices and people using the Find My App.

Finding Devices

Siri can easily find your Apple device. Just ask Siri where your device is. Siri will then show you a map and even ping your device, so if it’s close by and not readily visible—like within your couch cushions—you’re able to hear the ping and locate the device.

“Hey Siri, where is my iPhone?”

“Hey Siri, ping my iPad”

“Hey Siri, find Lisa’s watch”

Finding Friends

Have you ever lost sight of your group of friends while out together? Or have you ever been kept waiting for a friend or family member only to guess they were still stuck in traffic? Good news, Siri can also find your friends. This works with those friends who have agreed to share their location information with you via the Find My App.

“Hey Siri, where’s Brian?”

“Hey Siri, where is my sister?”

“Hey Siri, is my daughter at home?”

“Hey Siri, where are all my friends?”

“Hey Siri, who is here?”

“Hey Siri, who is near me?”

“Hey Siri, let me know when my son gets home”

“Hey Siri, let my husband know when I leave work”

Siri’s integration with Find My is simple, yet powerful. The Siri Find My commands listed above help you find lost Apple devices—like your iPhone, iPad, and AirPods—and find your nearby friends. But if you’re still grappling with interesting things you can say or ask Siri beyond this list, follow along to the series Keeping Up With Siri Commands for more.

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