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Siri Music Commands
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Siri Music Commands

In this post, I outline how to use Siri commands for music. As you may already know, Siri is great at responding to music commands for finding songs to play and controlling the music player, without the need to click ‘pause’ yourself. These voice commands for music are especially useful for the HomePod. But what you may not know is that Siri can even tell you what’s currently playing on the radio, no matter where you’re listening. Keep reading to learn the full lineup of Siri music commands.

See the most common questions answered in the FAQ section, or view the complete list of Siri commands for music under Keeping Up With Siri in the table of contents below.


Can Siri play music from Spotify?

Unfortunately, no. There is hope, though. In WWDC this year, Apple announced that “third party music support” is coming to Siri. And Apple is testing out Spotify support, as well, according to The Verge.

Can Siri play music from YouTube or Google Play?

No, not yet. But if Spotify will be supported in the near future, it’s likely so will Google Play. Stay tuned for more updates.

Can Siri play music from iTunes?

Yes, absolutely. Siri can play music you purchased from iTunes as well as music from Apple Music, which is Apple’s subscription service.

Can Siri identify music?

Yes. Siri has Shazam built in. Try the command, “Hey Siri, what is this song?”

Can Siri control the music volume?

Yes. Find the music volume commands in the Control Volume section.

Keeping Up With Siri

Getting the most out of your iPhone and HomePod requires learning Siri commands. But discovering what all Siri supports is a daunting feat. That’s where Keeping Up With Siri comes in. In this series, I review all 350+ commands and capabilities listed within Apple’s Siri Guide to take the guesswork out of what you can say or ask Siri to do. This post specifically focuses on Siri voice commands for music.

Find and Play Music Commands

Siri knows songs, albums, artists, genres, and stations. Even if you’re looking for a music mood, Siri most likely has you covered, too. Check out the list of commands to try out below.

“Hey Siri, play Walk by Foo Fighters”

“Hey Siri, play Bruno Mars”

“Hey Siri, play party songs”

“Hey Siri, shuffle my road trip playlist”

“Hey Siri, play the hottest Twenty One Pilots tracks”

“Hey Siri, play the top 10 hip-hop tracks”

“Hey Siri, play ASTROWORLD shuffled”

“Hey Siri, play the show Rocket Hour on Beats 1”

“Hey Siri, play the latest episode of OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1”

“Hey Siri, add Green Light by Lorde to my collection”

“Hey Siri, play more like this”

“Hey Siri, play 90’s alternative”

“Hey Siri, play my station”

“Hey Siri, play some reggae”

“Hey Siri, play songs for my workout”

“Hey Siri, play Norah Jones radio”

“Hey Siri, play some chill music”

“Hey Siri, play Kacey Musgraves Essentials”

“Hey Siri, play Today’s Hits”

“Hey Siri, play something else”

“Hey Siri, play something totally different”

Identify Music Commands

Back in 2018 Apple bought Shazam, the popular App that listens and identifies songs for you. As a result, Siri can now Shazam music directly, letting you quickly and easily identify what’s currently playing, no matter if it’s music coming from your radio, a coffee shop, your Dr.’s office, etc. This ability is incredibly useful for those moments when you hear something you like but don’t know the name of the song or artist. So if you haven’t already, give the commands below a shot.

“Hey Siri, shazam this song”

“Hey Siri, what song is this?”

“Hey Siri, who sings this?”

“Hey Siri, what’s the name of this track?”

“Hey Siri, when was this released?”

“Hey Siri, what was the last song called?”

Play Music in Multiple Rooms Commands

The below list of commands are new for iOS 12 and have a specific focus for being used on a HomePod. Essentially, these Siri music commands let you play music on multiple HomePods at once.

“Hey Siri, play music everywhere”

“Hey Siri, turn it up in the living room and the hallway”

“Hey Siri, add the kitchen”

“Hey Siri, play this in the kitchen too”

“Hey Siri, stop the music in the study”

“Hey Siri, play Cardi B’s newest album in the party room”

“Hey Siri, stop the podcast on my HomePod”

“Hey Siri, what’s playing in the family room?”

“Hey Siri, move this music downstairs”

“Hey Siri, play music everywhere except the study”

Control Music Commands

Last but not least, within Apple’s Siri Guide you’ll find a list of Siri commands for controlling music. Additionally, this section includes commands related to Apple learning your music tastes if you have a Apple Music subscription, as well. Check it out below.

“Hey Siri, play”

“Hey Siri, pause”

“Hey Siri, skip”

“Hey Siri, I like hip-hop Music”

“Hey Siri, I don’t like this type of Music”

Control Volume Commands

While not in Apple’s guide, these music commands listed below are worth noting, as Siri can adjust the music volume for you.

“Hey Siri, increase the volume”

“Hey Siri, make it louder”

Siri’s commands for music are broad and deep. At a high level, Siri can control the music player. But go a step further, and Siri can find and play music for you by name. Siri also knows how to identify music that’s playing on the radio. Beyond these music capabilities, Siri can do so much more. Find out other useful commands you can try by following along to the series Keeping Up With Siri Commands.

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