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Siri Notes Commands
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Siri Notes Commands

Here you’ll find everything you need to use Siri to take notes on your iPhone and iPad. To get the most out of your iPhone, you’ll need to learn all the ins-and-outs of what you can ask Siri to do. For instance, did you know there are a handful of Siri Notes App commands that help you create new notes or add to existing notes? Siri can also search and read your notes back to you, thereby saving you time.

See the most common questions answered in the FAQ section, or view the complete list of Siri Notes Commands under Keeping Up With Siri in the table of contents below.


Can Siri read notes out loud?

Yes. Siri can dictate notes. You can specify a note and Siri will read the note aloud to you. Checkout the command “read my note about <x>, below.

Can Siri record notes?

Yes. Siri can record notes and add the text to the Notes App on your iPhone or iPad. However, this answer might not be what you’re looking for. Instead, if you want to record your own voice using Siri, try the command: “Hey Siri, record a voice memo.”

Where do Siri notes go?

Notes recorded by Siri are saved in the Notes App on your iPhone or iPad. You can use Siri to open Apps, too. Try the command: “Hey Siri, open Notes.”

Can I use Siri Notes on my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch doesn’t have the Notes App, but you can record new notes using Siri via your Apple Watch.

Keeping Up With Siri

Beyond the above set of questions, do you want to learn all of the notes commands Siri supports? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Keeping Up With Siri. In this series, I test each of the 366 commands featured in Apple’s Siri Guide and take the guesswork out of how to use them. This post specifically focuses on using Siri to write, search, and read your notes using the Notes App on your iPhone and iPad.

Note Commands

“Hey Siri, note that I spent $12 on lunch”

Use this command to create a new note in the Notes App with the Note’s title being the message you specify.

For instance, when I use this command, Siri creates a new note in the Notes App with the text: “I spent $12 on lunch.” Siri then tells me what she added to notes and gives me a button to click on that takes me right to the new note within the Notes App.

Siri Note UI
Siri Note UI

In the Notes App, here is the new note I see with the title: “I spent 12$ on lunch.”

Note in the Notes App
Note in the Notes App

“Hey Siri, note to self: check out that new Norah Jones album”

Use this command to create a new note within the Notes App with the title: “check out that new Norah Jones album.” Here Apple highlights that Siri understands a few different phrases to create notes for you.

So far, here are the different phrases Siri understands:

  1. Note that <your new note>
  2. Note to self <your new note>

By the way, if you’re wondering who Norah Jones is, she’s an American Folk Singer. Although her last album was released back in 2019, she has a new single from 2020.

“Hey Siri, find my meeting notes” (works for iOS 16)

Use this command to have Siri search your notes for a keyword or phrase. With this command, Siri looks for the word “meeting” in your note titles.

When I use this command, I get an error from Siri, saying Siri couldn’t find any notes with the word “meeting.”

No Notes Found Message
No Notes Found Siri UI

But if I add a new note with the word “meeting” in the title, I see this response from Siri:

Note Found Siri UI
Note Found Siri UI

Also, I totally had a meeting about More Cow Bell. I promise.

“Hey Siri, add tour the catacombs to my Paris vacation note”

This command will have Siri adding text to an existing note in the Notes App.

When I use this command, Siri gives me an error message because I don’t have a “Paris vacation” note in the Notes App.

What I do have is a meeting note that I made using the previous command. So I varied the new command slightly with: “Hey Siri, add tour the catacombs to my meeting note.”Siri then confirms if I want to add “tour the catacombs” to my note “Meeting: More Cow Bell.” When I say yes, Siri then adds it to the existing note. Now my note looks like this:

Note in the Notes App
Note in the Notes App

“Hey Siri, show my notes from June 25th”

If you don’t remember the name of your note in the Note App, you can also have Siri search by the date you created the note.

When I use this command with the date “June 10th,” I get a list of notes from Siri that looks like this:

Search by Date Siri UI
Search by Date Siri UI

From here, I can then click on any of the highlighted notes Siri found to see more in the Notes App.

“Hey Siri, read my note about story ideas”

If you’re looking for Siri to read your notes back to you, look no further. The phrase “read my note” will cause Siri to read your note aloud to you.

When you use this command, Siri will search for a note and read the title and content of the note back to you.

Siri has deep integration with the Notes App, letting you call upon Siri to easily write, read, speak, and search your available notes. Check out what else you can do with Apple’s Voice Assistant in Keeping Up With Siri Commands. In this series, I highlight the complete list of capabilities Siri can do on iPhone.

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  1. can you update this for iphone 13 users or whatever the newest ios is, because my siri is not doing any of my spoken and search commands as you described. And only will open my notes app pretty much. Siri is worthless I hate that it doesnt do the bare minimums.

  2. Siri no longer allows users to edit or add to notes. Loads of people complaining about this in the Apple discussion forums and elsewhere. Infuriating.

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