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Siri Weather Commands
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Mastering Siri Weather: Essential Commands for Daily Forecasts

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather today?” This simple question might seem mundane, but it’s a daily ritual for many.

I’m Isaac. With over a decade of experience at Apple and Amazon, working on Siri and Alexa, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of voice commands in our everyday lives.

Welcome to Keeping Up With Siri. Now, with Siri’s upgrade in iOS 16, integrating Dark Sky’s features, your weather updates are more detailed than ever. In this guide, I’ll show you how to harness the full potential of Siri Weather commands.

Whether you’re deciding on your outfit for the day or pondering if an umbrella is necessary, Siri is your go-to weather assistant. Ready to explore the convenience of voice-activated forecasts? Let’s get started!

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Key Siri Weather Commands: Unleashing the Power of Voice

“Hey Siri, What’s the Weather Today?”

Get your daily weather snapshot with a simple question to Siri. This command provides temperature, precipitation chances, and wind conditions. It’s an efficient way to plan your day, ensuring you’re dressed right and ready for whatever the weather holds.

“Siri, Is It Going to Rain?”

Stay prepared for rain by asking Siri for a forecast. This quick query gives you a clear yes or no on rain prospects, helping you decide on outdoor plans or whether to grab an umbrella on your way out.

Advanced Forecast Features in iOS 16

iOS 16 enhances Siri’s weather capabilities with Dark Sky integration. Now, you can inquire about humidity, air quality, and UV index. These details are vital for health and outdoor activity planning. For example, asking “Siri, what’s the UV index today?” can inform your sun protection measures.

Siri Weather Command List

Siri can tell you the weather, using as the source for weather data. Siri generally has some UI to show you and tells you the highlights.

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather for today?”

This is essentially the main query. When given this command, Siri provides the highlights, like with saying, “81 and sunny with no rain” and shows you this:

Siri Weather UI

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather for tomorrow?”

You can also ask Siri for the weather report for different days. In this case, Siri focuses on tomorrow’s weather data and gives you the temperature and a UI that looks like this:

“Hey Siri, what’s the forecast for this evening?”

Siri also lets you filter for weather data by time. By asking for evening weather, you get the temperature for later in the day and a UI that gives hourly weather after 6pm:

Siri Weather UI

“Hey Siri, how’s the weather in <your city> right now?”

If you don’t specify a city, Siri pulls the weather report for your current location. If you do specify a city, like with the above command, Siri provides weather info for that location instead:

Siri Weather UI

“Hey Siri, what’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?”

Apple’s Voice Assistant also has the ability to combine both of the above requests together. You can ask for a location and a date at the same time, getting this response from Siri:

Siri Weather UI

“Hey Siri, what’s the temperature outside?”

This command gives you a similar UI, but Siri’s response is much more to the point. Siri responds with: “It’s about 82 degrees outside.” And here’s what the UI looks like:

Siri Weather UI

“Hey Siri, how windy is it out there?”

Siri can give you strength and direction. Like with other commands, Siri speaks the weather data, prints it, and gives the following UI:

Siri Weather UI

“Hey Siri, when is sunrise in Paris?”

Siri gives you sunrise and sunset times for any given location. For this command, Siri prints and speaks the time for sunrise in Paris and gives the familiar UI displaying weather info:

Siri Weather UI

“Hey Siri, should I bring an umbrella today?”

When given this command, Siri answers the question, saying something like, “It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain today in Paris, France,” and then provides the familiar weather UI:

Siri Weather UI

I asked Siri this question right after asking for the sunrise time in Paris. What’s interesting is Siri remembered my last command and gave me the weather report for Paris when answering this new command. It didn’t use my current location instead, meaning Siri has some intelligence that is saved between commands.

Frequently Asked Questions: Clearing the Clouds on Siri Weather

How Can I Get Hourly Weather Updates from Siri?

To receive hourly weather updates, ask Siri, “What’s the hourly forecast?” Siri will provide a breakdown of the weather conditions for each hour, helping you plan your day with precision.

Can Siri Provide Weather Alerts and Warnings?

Yes, Siri can give weather alerts and warnings. Simply ask, “Are there any weather alerts today?” Siri will inform you of any severe weather conditions expected in your area, such as storms or extreme temperatures.

Is Siri’s Weather Forecast Accurate for Remote Locations?

Siri’s weather forecast accuracy extends to remote locations as well. The integration of Dark Sky features has enhanced its precision. However, for extremely remote or less-documented areas, there might be slight variations in accuracy.

Siri Weather: Your Go-To Guide for Weather Forecasts

Siri Weather, enhanced by iOS 17, is your reliable source for weather updates. It’s equipped to provide everything from daily forecasts to hourly updates and severe weather alerts. This tool simplifies weather-related decisions, whether you’re planning an outing or choosing your outfit.

If you have questions or want to share your experiences with Siri Weather, please leave a comment. Your feedback is invaluable and helps shape our future content.

For more tips on Siri, visit our Siri Archives. Here, you’ll find extensive resources to maximize your use of Siri and other smart home technologies. Check out what else you can do with Apple’s Voice Assistant in Keeping Up With Siri Commands.

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  1. How do I add the results of “Siri what’s the weather like today” to my morning shortcut? When I ask “what’s the weather like today,” she provides the perfect breakdown; however, I cannot duplicate those results in my current shortcut. What commands should I use?

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