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Top Scary Things to Ask Alexa for a Horror-filled Night

If you’re eager to experience a spooky thrill, Alexa can be your companion in creating a creepy atmosphere. With the Scary things to ask Alexa, you can turn your everyday smart home device into a source of eerie entertainment. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or want to enjoy some chilling moments alone, these commands are intriguing and fun. Let’s dive right in!

Terrifying Tales

Kick things off by asking, “Alexa, tell me a scary story.” You’ll be treated to chilling narratives that might make your skin crawl. These stories create a creepy atmosphere for sleepovers or Halloween parties.

Unsettling Sounds

Experience the chills with unnerving sounds. Try, “Alexa, play scary sounds,” and listen as your space is filled with the unsettling noises of creaking doors, distant footsteps, and howling winds.

Creepy Facts

Ask, “Alexa, tell me a creepy fact for a disturbing dose of reality.” Alexa’s database is brimming with strange and unsettling facts about the world. Discover more spooky interactions in this comprehensive guide on how to make Alexa laugh creepily.

Haunting Halloween Countdowns

Be sure to bring in the fun before Halloween day. Try saying, “Alexa, start a Halloween countdown.” Every day leading up to Halloween, Alexa will provide a hauntingly fun update, building anticipation.

Scary Movie Recommendations

If you’re a fan of horror films, ask, “Alexa, recommend a scary movie.” Alexa can provide a list of the most spine-chilling films from various platforms. This skill might help track down where you can stream it from too.

Spooky Commands and Halloween Skills

In addition to tales and sounds, Alexa has many spooky commands and Halloween-related skills. These additional requests can turn your device into a creepy assistant, always ready to give you a chill. Here are a few commands and skills you might enjoy:

  1. Halloween Trivia
  2. Creepy Crawler Sounds
  3. Haunted House Ambience
  4. Spooky Jokes
  5. Ghost Detector
  6. Halloween Spell Casting

Creating a Scary Environment with Routines and Smart Devices

Here’s one of my favorite Alexa features. Alexa’s capabilities aren’t limited to scary stories and sounds. With smart devices around your home, it can create a full-fledged horror show. Here’s how you can use Alexa to set up a chilling routine, bringing together your smart lights, TV, and more:

  1. Scary Movie Night Routine
  2. Spooky Dinner Routine
  3. Halloween Party Routine

Learn how to personalize your smart home with Alexa custom routines, and check out the smallest smart light bulb options to enhance your horror setups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa Tell Ghost Stories?

Absolutely! All you need to do is say, “Alexa, tell me a ghost story.” Alexa has a collection of ghost stories that will send shivers down your spine. For more hair-raising prompts, check out this list of creepy commands.

Will Alexa’s Scary Sounds Affect My Pets?

Alexa’s scary sounds are meant to entertain and should not harm your pets. However, if your pet appears uncomfortable or scared, it’s a good idea to turn the volume down or switch to less unsettling sounds.

Can Alexa Give Me a Scary Halloween Countdown?

Yes, she can! Just ask, “Alexa, give me a Halloween countdown,” Alexa will provide a countdown, complete with chilling sound effects to enhance the Halloween spirit. Discover more about Alexa’s whimsical side.


Embrace the spirit of horror with these scary things to ask Alexa. From listening to terrifying tales and unsettling sounds, learning creepy facts, enjoying a haunting Halloween countdown, receiving scary movie recommendations, using spooky commands and Halloween skills, and setting up thrilling routines with smart devices – Alexa can be your accomplice in creating a bone-chilling environment. The key to making the most out of this thrilling experience is to ask and dare to ask.

Visit the Alexa Archives to discover more ways to transform your smart home device into a source of spine-chilling entertainment.

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