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Alexa Creepy Commands: Your Guide to Spooky Fun

Dive into the world of thrills and chills with Alexa creepy commands. Alexa, your favorite virtual assistant, is also your spooky companion, ready to add a hint of the uncanny to your day. This guide uncovers 15 of the most spine-tingling commands Alexa can execute. Ready for a thrilling exploration? Let’s get started!

Unveiling the Uncanny

Intrigued by the eerie and the unknown? Let’s plunge into these five hair-raising commands to turn your Alexa into a ghostly storyteller.

1. “Alexa, open Ghost Detector.” Feel the thrill of a ghostly presence as Alexa scans your surroundings for paranormal activity. A command that can make Alexa laugh creepily.

2. “Alexa, start Spooky Scream.” With this command, Alexa lets out a frightful scream perfect for a surprising jump scare.

3. “Alexa, tell a ghost story.” Ask Alexa for a ghostly tale, and brace yourself for a chilling story.

4. “Alexa, open Magic Door.” This interactive game takes you on an exciting journey through a dark, spooky forest.

5. “Alexa, open The Dark Citadel.” Explore a haunted fortress full of mysterious scares in this immersive audio game.

Bone-Chilling Bedtime Stories

Sweet dreams are overrated! It’s time for Alexa to serve you some bone-chilling bedtime stories.

6. “Alexa, open Scare Me.” Prepare yourself for a scary short story that sends chills down your spine.

7. “Alexa, play Haunted House Sounds.” Recreate the ambiance of a haunted house with creepy sounds, perfect for a spooky night.

8. “Alexa, open Campfire Stories.” These aren’t your ordinary campfire stories. Alexa narrates thrilling tales that are more likely to keep you up than lull you to sleep.

9. “Alexa, open Sleep Sounds Thunderstorm.” With this command, you can add an eerie atmosphere to your surroundings using thunderstorm sounds.

10. “Alexa, open Creepy Lullabies.” Forget soothing tunes. Alexa sings dark and twisted lullabies with this command.

The Mystery of the Unfamiliar

Brace yourself for the uncanny as Alexa takes you on an eerie journey into the unknown with these five spine-chilling commands.

11. “Alexa, open Alien Simulator.” Experience an otherworldly encounter with this thrilling Alexa command.

12. “Alexa, play the ‘Twilight Zone’ theme.” Relive the haunting suspense of the classic Twilight Zone series with its iconic theme song.

13. “Alexa, play Thunderstorm Sounds.” The sound of a thunderstorm can turn any space into a scene from a suspense thriller.

14. “Alexa, play ‘Psycho’ sound effects.” Immerse yourself in the unnerving ambiance of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror with this command.

15. “Alexa, play X-Files theme.” Turn your home into a mysterious episode of the ‘X-Files’ series with its eerie theme tune.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these commands work on all Alexa devices?

Yes, as long as your Alexa device is connected to the internet, these commands should work. You can find out more about these and other mysterious Alexa commands.

Are these commands suitable for children?

Most of these commands are suitable for older children who enjoy spooky fun. However, some commands may be too scary for younger kids.

Can I use these commands as pranks?

Absolutely, but remember to consider the other person’s comfort level. Not everyone finds scary surprises fun.


Elevate your everyday routines with the spine-chilling thrill of Alexa creepy commands. Whether you’re looking for a spooky tale, a haunted house soundscape, or an alien encounter, Alexa has covered you. For more exciting tips and tricks, remember to visit our Alexa Archives. Happy haunting!

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