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What Does Super Alexa Mode Do? Unlocking the Mystery

For Amazon Echo users, the term “Super Alexa Mode” may have caught your attention. This phrase might leave you scratching your head, wondering: what does Super Alexa Mode do? Could it be a secret enhancement for Alexa or a command that could harm your device? This guide is here to clear up the confusion and enlighten you about Amazon’s voice assistant feature.

Understanding Super Alexa Mode

Super Alexa Mode, despite its superhero-like name, isn’t an upgrade or a hidden weapon for your Amazon Echo. Instead, it’s an Easter egg, a minor, hidden feature for user amusement. Here are some more Alexa Easter Eggs.

When you command Alexa to “activate Super Alexa Mode,” the device responds with a playful message: “Super Alexa mode activated. Starting reactors…online. Enabling advanced systems…online. Raising dongles…error. Dongle not found. Abort.” 

The Konami Code Connection

The dialogue you hear when activating Super Alexa Mode is a clever reference to the Konami Code, a sequence of button presses universally recognized among gamers. The code—Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start—was initially used in Contra, a game that Konami developed to grant players a set of power-ups.

In the context of Super Alexa Mode, the Konami Code doesn’t provide any power-ups or extra capabilities to your Alexa device. Instead, the command to “activate Super Alexa Mode” and the resulting response are a playful nod to this piece of gaming history.

Is Super Alexa Mode Dangerous?

There’s no need to worry—Super Alexa Mode is not harmful to your device and does not modify its functionality. It’s a harmless joke command with the sole purpose of entertainment. Your device remains as safe and functional as ever, even after activating Super Alexa Mode.

How to Activate Super Alexa Mode

Getting Alexa to display its sense of humor is straightforward:

  1. Wake your Amazon Echo by saying, “Alexa.”
  2. Follow up with “Activate Super Alexa Mode.”

Alexa will then recite the entertaining response we mentioned above. Feel free to share this delightful trick with others! You can even activate it with the Konami code directly. Learn how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Super Alexa Mode enhance Alexa’s abilities?

Despite its grandiose title, Super Alexa Mode doesn’t enhance Alexa’s functionalities. It’s merely a fun command that generates a humorous response.

What other Easter eggs can I find with Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is loaded with numerous Easter eggs. If you’re curious about discovering other fun commands, check out this guide to Alexa’s secret codes.

Is my device’s security compromised with Super Alexa Mode?

No, Super Alexa Mode does not affect your device’s security. It’s purely a fun command that results in a light-hearted response from Alexa, with no impact on the device’s operations or security.


Super Alexa Mode is a fun command designed to entertain users, providing a dose of humor and nostalgia. When asking, “What does Super Alexa Mode do” remember that while it does not enhance Alexa’s features or compromise your device, it does make interactions with your Amazon Echo a little more enjoyable.

For more insights on using Alexa and other handy tips, you’re welcome to explore the Alexa Archives. If you wish to control this mode further, here is a guide on how to turn off Super Alexa Mode and more.

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